Meet at the fountain

She was sitting at the fountain. Nice little muzzle, very short hair, sad eyes, dressed in the fashion. Seeing that birdie, I was taken aback, as if time slowed down, the legs themselves go slowly, as if suffused with lead. With me this was the first time, some small shock simple. Of course, I met a beautiful girl, but this was not normal. He came up, sat down on the bench, said hello. Her blue eyes, bright, saturated colors, as if penetrated into the soul, without a word spoken, but that's exactly what I did not understand. She also said, greetings and I introduced myself: Alex. Margaret, she said. Honestly, I was afraid to blurt out something banal or seem not interesting. I Was-was not, I thought, and immediately invited home for tea. Oddly enough, Rita agreed. Usually girls zhemannichayut break down and stuffed his worth. Splayed girl did not look, as I understand it in others, on the contrary looked harmless, so just wear on your hands and protect from anything and everything.

I myself akkuratist and chistyulya, so invite people to visit me not be ashamed, but that rarely happens. And I have a different tea, there is even a coffee. Margaret said that I warmly and settled in my favorite chair. Chaёvnichaya, we met properly. Somewhere in an hour she zasobiralas home and I spent it, and then all night I dreamed of it. In the morning, I realized that as a goof, I forgot to take a phone number. Nothing, I thought, I will go to the door, watch for. But after work, his feet took me to the area with our beautiful fountain. More from afar saw Rita, heart fluttering like a bird caught in a cage. Went I certainly did not come down arms, she carried flowers. She jumped from the bench and ran, it was clear that too was waiting for me. We walked around a little, and I looked at her, only wanted to ask where to go, she was ahead of me, he said to you, if you do not mind. What a mind! I'm just happy.

We understood each other perfectly, and, in general, not particularly talking. Look, pose, half-open lips, as if to say: Come, hug, kiss. When I hugged Rita, she drozhzhala. What is it, I asked. I'm afraid, she said. - Are you a girl? - Of course not. Just everything is so good start, but what will happen next? After sex? I like you, and I did not want was just sex. - Well, that I should be afraid that you will not like. Do not worry everything will be alright. Freeing it from the blouse, I unbuttoned, though with difficulty, hooks on the bra. My eyes appeared charming, pleasant to touch his chest. Taking each in his hand, a little squeezing and releasing, he stroked pink circles around the nipples. These buds are swollen, and I began to inflate in the pants. Smooth, soft, silky body of Rita, smelled sweet perfume. Keep yourself in their hands it was hard and I was looking up at her arms, carried her to the bed. I kissed every cell of her body, she moaned and pressed me to her. Breaking the remnants of clothes with her and her too, I began to bestow the most intimate caress his partner's place. Oohs and aahs Rita forced to smoke my dick, he longed to break into the hot bosom. While I was licking pussy lips and clitoris girl, she almost suffocated me, clenching his slender legs around my neck. Everything is now possible to accurately and I burst like a whirlwind into the heavenly gates. Nothing is wondering, I pecked and pecked sweet hole, only egg slapped on the ass of my princess. It was so easy and I easily pulled it to his young body Kukan. Jerk, still a jerk, her moan, my growl and now we both have to finish. Yes, I is not enough! Again I begin to attack. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Sighs, squelch lubrication. What is beautiful in all places. Then she cried out, I was already deaf in one ear. While her vagina and decreased drozhzhala orgazmiruya, my cock exploded and I just collapsed exhausted and rolled with Rita on the bed. She stayed until the morning, and I most of the night with little respite took her instead of giving himself.

Younger sister of my wife

Dasha happy and rosy from the February frost flew home with shouts of:

- Urraaaaaaaaa! Next week comes to me cousin from Minsk !!! Katka! Bliiiiiiiinn! Vityayayaya! If you knew what it's cool! Although, you still know ... Damn, I even already jealous of her ... She'll just love it !! - And already smiling thoughtful and ran a bath, to dream and plan a meeting with her sister.

"M .. yes ... - I thought - next week I'm sure FIG good sleep and I will play the role of a guide to the duties to pay for all that enjoy two fun little sister ..."

And then came that long-awaited next week. Wife I was instructed to meet her sister at the airport Pulkovo, because she Daha work on that day. I am standing with a bouquet of flowers, and I catch myself thinking that I am nervous as a young man on a first date! Damn!

It turns out she is! Katka! In short dark coat, with thin heels rocking rounded hips in tight skirt sexy!

"Oh no you ... I imagine !!! - Thought I - it was her younger sister ??? It looks really older than my slender little Dashki: real adult woman with appetizing outlines, graceful and .... Kick !!! And I thought that Minsk - the village is a village ... "

- Hello, you Victor? - Joyful girl beginning.

- Hmm yeah! - I blurted out, coming to himself after the stupor caused by her beauty clearly hypnotic properties.

In the evening we all drank tea, Katherine told us about Minsk, we listened, open-mouthed, Dasha every 5 minutes hugging and kissing his little sister, patting her on the convex ass like showing off in front of me - they say: "Look, what my sister ! '

Easy to say, look ... I already sat all night, throwing one leg over the other, in every way trying to pacify my restless boyfriend!

At night, in the bed, Dasha still could not calm down. She chatted and chatted, praising his sister, asking me tricky incriminating questions (how many years live Dashko, but I can not get used to her brusque manner to express their thoughts) ...

- Well, as you Katka? How do you like her ass? A tits you saw what she !? Three times the size of my! - It has become a serious stroke their little titechki - Maybe I should make a plastic ???

- You're what, bunny? - I began to soothe her little girl - you've got the most beautiful, the most slender and favorite! - I just said the words that wanted to hear at this time Dasha, and then we made love passionately and Dasha groaned so loudly that I was ashamed because I knew that sleeping behind the wall Katka all heard ...

The next day we gathered in the theater, in the Mariinsky. Girls wearing thin tight evening dresses that were so frank and easy that I wanted to fuck them both on the floor in the hallway! The deep neckline at the back reached her waist both beauties. Only Katie buttocks were much wider, chest higher, but both pairs of nipples were stretched! Silk fabric so tightly rubbing their polupopiya that appeared - under the dress there was nothing else, only shiny rosy curves of naked bodies ..!

When the theater's wife went to the toilet, we were left with Katerina her wait, and in her voice I recognized the same arrogance related genes that have Dashki:

- Yesterday you so sweetly moaning behind the wall, I broke down and ... - she did not continue, but the allusion to masturbation was too obvious!

For the next act of the play, I tried to imagine how Katka caressed her pussy, fantasizing on the topic and what all of herself to her pisechka? Is bald-shaven, or maybe with a neat haircut pubic hair? Expanded rosette or closed, as the unopened bud? ..

The next day, Saturday, I had a day off, because I worked five days, while Dasha was another daily work shift. So - I was instructed wives reduce Katka in the Winter Palace, and in the evening in the restaurant. Shit question!

After we rastorana Katerina, pretty drunk wine, lay down to go home.

- I need to take a shower - Katya said.

I went into the kitchen, took a bottle from the refrigerator control vinischem and smoked nervously, waiting did not know what. Suddenly ... Creek from the bathroom ...

- Wee-and-and-and-and-be !!! Rub my back please !!!

"O Lord Jesus! Holy mother of God! Saints! Damn me! Blamed me into the ground right in the thick of the underworld! "- Something like this could then describe my feeling.

I went into the bath, where the shower back to me standing naked Katka, shyly lowered his head in anticipation of my male bold solutions. According to her gorgeous hair, slender neck and delicate shoulders, slender back, divine thighs and perineum between the buttocks, legs on sexual flowed hot water ...

With one hand I took the showerhead, the second soapy washcloth and began to carefully and gently led her back Katie ... When it came to bending its sides, Kate lifted her arms up to me it was more convenient, thus opening a view to their luxury breasts, which were excited and looked so delicious and tempting, it would be foolish not to touch them! First, if I accidentally touched her breasts, circling a washcloth over her belly, and when he saw that Kate closed her eyes in pleasure, I put a washcloth and a watering can and two soap became hands caress her hot firmer breasts, so much !!!

A few minutes later I gave free rein to their hands and began to passionately drive their thighs Katie, in her round buttocks elastic at the waist tight soft, slightly bristly on hot pubis! ..

After another couple of minutes, my hands have lost the shame and went down to the sanctuary is the place Katie. One hand caressed the small front juicy clitoris, and the second behind the way through her soft buttocks namyvali crack touching the back holes thumb ...

Dasha I washed frequently with his own hands, but her body was not so feminine and appetizing. I did the first time appeared in public a smart woman since the time of my student days when I was deprived of virginity majeure teacher of physics.

- You're still in the clothes - Kate puzzled looked down on sweat pants sticking out of my dick!

I dutifully took off his clothes and home, carefully climbed into the bath, gently put his arm around Kate's waist and pulled her to his sturdy body and began to caress her body with his hands. My excited member to the limit fit comfortably between her warm buttocks, causing Kate began to moan softly ... Then she turned abruptly, looked me straight in the eye and grasping one hand on my penis, closed her eyes again, inviting my lips for a gentle kiss ...

After her sweet lips I wanted to taste and other parts of her body! And I began to slowly descend, making an intermediate stop at her breasts, stomach, pubic ...

When my lips as close to her juicy cunt, Kate put one foot on the bathtub rim, opening me access to the inner sanctum of his body!

Mmmmmm !!!!!!!!!! ..... How delicious !!!! ... My lips and tongue lapped her juices literally !!! .. I pinched her clit with his lips and began to suck him under the index finger plunging inside her vagina! ..

- Mmmm .... Come to me ... - Kate moaned pleadingly ...

My penis has long been ready! I wake up. Kate leaned against the tiled wall. With one hand I took his mace, the other began to push myself as much as possible through a manhole her buttocks. Very tight included !!! ... The head disappeared ... Then even longer! .. I think was !!! Yes !!! ... Kate just relaxed vaginal muscles, so that I can enter a member deeper. I began to slowly move inside Katya's hands in sync with the members of the movement, leading it on a soap slippery elastic body! ..

A few minutes later our movements become faster! Katka tried as deeply as you can feel my flesh ... At that moment my phone rang ... I was sure that calls Dasha. She was jealous of anyone going through and sitting on his job ... Groans Katie gained more specific, clear. If before they can be compared with long beeps on the phone, but now they have become shorter in time with the thrusts in its depth ... Busy !!!

How we were good! Her sweet ass shamyakala my inflated the press, and the vaginal walls tighter rubbed my penis and bringing it closer to the coveted top fun!

A little more please to extend this feeling !! .. It is not possible to endure !! .. How do you want to scream !! .. You can not ... Mmm ... Mmm .. ... .. ......... Aaaaaaa !!!! . I abruptly pulled the penis and sperm gushing jet of hot shower back Kate! ..

Member lying on her waist from it as from a dying animal blood continued to trickle sperm ...

Kate turned to face me and kissed me on the lips ... Then all of a person's neck ... ... began to go down ... ... Chest and abdomen groin ... So my my exhausted member slid the tip of her tongue ... Then a few kisses briefly skimmed over the entire length trunk ... I felt like a gentle palm took my testicles and the other from the base of the penis ... I closed my eyes ... Kate began eagerly and sweet lick and suck my dick, so he quickly came to his senses and again strengthened !!!

There are already Katin phone yelled at all! She once blah !!! Her mouth now really busy !!!

Katya, smiling, continued to play his mouth !!! Ah, if Dasha knew that her beloved younger sister currently swallows sperm from her husband's favorite dick, I even scary to think what would have happened !!!

But ... Sooner or later, we had yet to take up ... Otherwise it would be too incriminating! I therefore once again in bystrenkomu crustaceans fucked Katya and again when he had finished it, ran to call back your favorite ...

In general - all ended well. Dasha at least a couple of days and went suspicious thoughtful, but still then cheered and calmed down again when I fucked her good in the same soul ...

Katya had left a few days later, taking with us a word that in the near future we will come to visit her in Minsk.

Gray mouse

- Come with us! - Tatiana very hard to dissuade, when it is set firmly.

- Okay! - Ian handed over the position after lengthy negotiations with the girlfriend.

They came together and, as it turned out, lived not far from each other. All first year spent together, and now, at the insistence of Tatiana, should go to a party to mark the end of the school year, also together. Tatiana, burning brunette, always ahead of the event. It is the company's soul, the elder group, editor and head of the latter-day drum circle. And Ian, sweet gray mouse, with blond hair and athletic figure. To get her to take a step, you need to try very hard. Although Tatiana has already found the tactics and quite often it is used throughout the year.

- Denis will be there! - Tatiana smiled mysteriously, looking in her wardrobe a dress for a friend.

- Who! - Jana shyly asked, pretending not to understand.

- Come on! The very handsome, which thou art sick so! - She sighed resignedly, sending another outfit back in the closet. - Why did you have such small breasts ?!

- It is you, "dairy farm"! - Ian said, forcing her friend laugh.

- True, sometimes it's so uncomfortable! -Tatyana Rolled her eyes and took kind of suffering.

- Aha! Especially on the beach and in the dining room, and on competition, and in general, wherever there is the opposite sex, whose members immediately lose their heads next to you.

- It would be better if they liked my brain, not the size of the breast! - Angrily remarked the girl.

- Your Serge too, would be very happy, but when you are staying alone, I think he stops complaining! - Ian laughed, than forced cheer up her friend.

- Yes! He was mad. The first thing that does is remove blouse. And constantly presents underwear. So I like a model, is obliged to parade before him in new clothes lace. Then he rips off her bra and starts a frenzy. Once so carried away that traces remain.

- Really? - With huge eyes Ian asked.

- Two Suction and bite! - Tatiana confirmed.

- Maybe just as well that I have a second size! - He smiled the girl, defusing the situation.

- Yes, that's just you have nothing to wear! All my dresses ... wait! - Tatiana whirled and ran into the other room. - Here! - Returning pretty she snapped and handed Jana package. - Just bought! Then top with an elastic band, so that you will love!

- I can not! It is new and you want to ...

- I want to hear the intimate details, and do not look at your surprised looks after my stories! All! - Ian realized that the conversation was over and dutifully dressed.

Two hours later, Sergei, Tatiana guy parked in the parking lot of forest recreation, which should be the celebration was to take place. This base belonged to the university, so all these events took place there. Jan immediately remembered was the first time here. As Tatiana and at that time forced her to go, and then met with Sergei and third-lit with him all night. In the morning they returned to the city and the three of us, since Sergei was a part of their lives. And she told him almost everything, more than once to drive Ian in the paint. The highlight was when she told him that Jan still a virgin and asked to find a guy of his friends. At the same time the first once here, Ian saw Dennis. High brown-haired with blue eyes. He was thoughtful, and at the same time relaxed. It seemed that everyone knows him and he knows everyone. He moved amazingly graceful. And around him was full of girls. So, in that I huddled on that night that she was watching him from the corner.

- We arrived pretty! - Tatiana's voice, diverting her thoughts from Ian. - Go?

- Come on! - Ian took a deep breath, ready to be in a noisy crowd.

The main building already was packed, and people were stretched in small groups, trying to get inside. Tatiana, accompanied by Sergei, as always easily got into the thick of things, taking her friend, and entered public life. And Ian, communicated little with barely acquaintances, wandered seek a quiet place where you can sit back and watch the action for a while, waiting for it to end. It was the first time in public in the dress, although this, as it was called Tatiana "sundress", barely covered Janina ass. She now and then, had poddergivaet him up to more than cover the chest, and then pull up the skirt covered everything you need.

- How could I agree to that ?! - She gasped, closing his eyes to calm down and recover. And when she opened them again, he was standing in front of her.

- Hello! - Said Denis, looking at her. Ian, just in case turned, in search of a beautiful girl, to which refers the handsome, but behind her was empty. - Are you looking for someone? - He asked, clearly confused. - I guess you're not alone here ?!

- Yes! - I blurted out, suddenly, Jan, frightened eyes wide.

- Then, I will not bother! - And her dream of the past few months, passing by went off into the crowd.

- In the fool! - Ian gasped and taking off the table someone a bottle of beer, went aimlessly.

Her thoughts were changing so fast that she did not understand how appeared on the balcony of the second floor. Prikanchivaya bottle, she looked up at the stars and thinking about how to be entered in its place Tatiana. She'd pulled Dennis to dance, and then have a drink, and then ... they would live happily ever after. Her thoughts were interrupted by a ringing slap, and pain in the right buttock.

- Cool ass, baby! - Turning sharply, Ian saw a strange guy, pretty drunk and pyalyaschegosya at her with blatant lust. - Lucky you! Today I am free and ready to satisfy all your desires! - Impudently grinning, he said, and held out his hand to her breast. Ian stepped back, but he pulled her to him by the waist and began to pull yourself.

- Let me in! - She struggled to push him away, but he was stronger. His other hand grabbed her ass and squeezed it painfully. - Fuck off! Let me in! - Ian have not wore studs, and then there's a whole bottle of beer, a habit. She staggered and there was a guy on the heel of the foot hitting the hole between straps at the toe of his sandal. He hissed, loosened his grip and she nearly managed to escape, but he deftly grabbed her hair and pulled over.

- I love you so escaped with a knot that you will beg for mercy! - He hissed in her ear.

- In my opinion, she asked to let her go! - A voice from the side.

- What the hell do you want ?! You're the guy of her or what ?! - Still holding tight hair rumbled abuser.

- No! But I do not like it when a girl is forced to do something she does not want to! - Denis said quietly, standing at a distance from their hands.

- Yes, you look at her dress! She does not want to? Another beer and jamming! She requested that her fuck while in this form here, all alone! Dude, I want to share? I'm not ... - he did not finish because Denis in two movements freed Jana hair and twisted his hands behind his back Man. - Let me go ... - he hissed, writhing.

- Yes? And when she asked you let? - Dennis pressed the sore point, so that the guy already howled.

- Dude, what's with you ?! - He whined imploringly.

- No I'm not "dude"! Now you go and that more I have not seen you! You touch it again, or at least you look, and I love you so trimmed that you never no one can not stick! I got it? - Once again pressing the same pain point, quietly I asked Dennis.

- Yes! - Man groaned and barely released, gave tear.

Jana, all the time, stood rooted to the spot. As if in a daze, she could not move or make sounds. She was scared, and glad that she stood up for it, and this guy is scared again. She could not understand that with her, and even beer on an empty stomach was to be felt. His head was spinning, a state of euphoria and adrenaline rush.

- Are you all right? Who are you here? - Said Denis, trying to catch her as she staggered back, coming to himself by his words. - Come on, I'll take you!

- Dont touch me! That is just an animal! Just hand it is not broke! - And she blurted, horrified his folly, tried to escape as the inside of the building as soon as possible.

She again went through the crowd. Before my eyes was a discouraged expression Denis person. His sweet face, which was very close. And now, he is likely to think that it is easily accessible whore girl. Who are trying to fuck with the first counter an alcoholic on the balcony where you may receive anyone at any time. And then a familiar face appeared in front of her and she became a little easier.

- Are you all right? - Tatiana held it over his shoulders, to bring in a sense.

- No! - Hopelessly shaking his head, breathed Jan.

- Come friend, tell me! - Tatiana took a glass of punch and took Ian to the balcony.

- You said so? - Heard the last outpouring girlfriend, Tatiana stood wide-eyed and barely holding back laughter.

- You're funny! - Ian smiled bitterly.

- No! Sorry! - Sorry, Tatiana tried not to laugh. - But it's all so ...

- Silly! - I finish the sentence Jan.

- Yes! - Tatiana agreed, nodding.

- Well! I'm a failure! With small boobs! What could be worse?! - Ian looked at her friend and saw the one embarrassed, again trying not to laugh, looking behind her.

- He stands behind me and heard everything! - Randomly blurted out Ian. What Tatiana just nodded.

- Perhaps I'll leave you two! - She said, laughing quietly retired.

- Again on the balcony! - I heard a voice behind Dennis.

- Yes! - Awkwardly turned and gasped and Ian, overcoming himself, looked up at him.

- Well, this time, at least in good company! - Good-natured, he grinned.

- Yes, and she would not mind if you zalomal her hand like the guy, but without the pain ... - here Ian broke off and looked down.

- You're always so straightforward? - Denis laughed.

- I did not want to say it ... just ...

- Where are you? Hi Dan! - They flew Cute busty blonde who immediately hung Denis neck and dug his lips. - Oh, hello! - Staring up at Ian, she said.

- Hello! - Ian took a step to the side and, without looking at Dennis, went to look for Tatiana.

Tatiana was not there. His head was spinning more and incredibly thirsty. Ian poured more punch into a glass for more and began to walk in circles. Twice Denis appeared on the horizon and it quickly disappeared from his sight. Then she bumped into Sergei, who was trying to drink her water, but she refused.

- You need to drink water! No more alcohol! - He said angrily. - You are, in general, how much to drink.

- A bottle of beer and a lot of ... a lot of punch! - Difficulty wondering Ian murmured.

- I think that you exceeded your rate! - Sergei was serious as ever. - Stay here, now I'll get Tatiana and we'll go home.

- He has a girlfriend! I also want to find a boyfriend! - Swaying and looking around Ian murmured.

- Who has a girlfriend ?!

- Denis! He's so cute! Adheres to the other! Saves! And he has a girlfriend!

- Stay here and do not move! Understood? I'm serious! Andrei, keep an eye on her! - I asked Sergei standing next guy. - Do not go anywhere!

- Everything is fine? - Andrew asked, smiling.

- Yes! - Louder than necessary cried Jana. - I want to dance!

- Well, then let's go! - Andrew took her hand and led her into the dancing crowd.

Jan, herself amazed, began to dance. She just moved, and her body, strangely enough, was heard. Andrei twisted it on a dedicated place them in different directions and it all turned out. But as soon as she turned her back on him and his hands were on her hips, she was frightened.

- Let go! - She cried, trying to escape.

- Come on! We just dance! - Clutching at her ass fun Andrei said.

- Let me go! - Ian jerked forward and ended up in someone's strong arms. She lifted her head - it was Dennis.

- You never for a moment let go can not be! - He said with a smile.

- Dont touch me! - Angry she snapped. She suddenly felt so sad that he behaves like he is free and has the right to say so to her, looking at her with his penetrating gaze, and then kisses his girlfriend. - Go to your ... blonde! - Ian said, moving away.

- I do not ... - the next moment, Yang snatched from the hands of a girl standing next to a glass and poured its contents on Denis.

- Do not you dare come near me! - She said, making his way through the crowd, I came across Tatiana.

- Let's go home! - Said her friend and went ahead, clearing the way Jan and supports its Sergey.

They left the building and went to the car when the rear footsteps, and drunken voices.

- This bitch in front of me in debt! - I heard a painfully familiar voice.

- Listen man, you drink go sleep it off! - Sergei calmly replied.

Here Ian pushed forward and she flew straight at Tatiana.

- Get off him! - Shouted Tatna.

Ian turned around and saw the man who molested her on the balcony puts his fist, trying to hit Sergei. Sergey has a split lip and he damn angry. Behind the stranger, are three pretty drunk bull, ready at any moment to engage in a fight. Sergey dodged and stabbed, but the man resisted, apparently from drinking, he lost his sensitivity, and still hit Sergey in the stomach. The boys immediately rushed to Sergei, taking advantage of the situation.

- Hey! I also want to take part! - Out of the building flew Denis.

- Well ... these two clean faces, then fuck these bitches in front of them. Ending all in them, and this ... - he pointed at Ian. - Fight as a last whore.

- It is good to talk shit! - Denis said.

On it there and then went to the high red bull, which was formed through the second half, trying in vain to breathe. Dennis hit him right on the solar plexus. At this time, Sergei one blow, sent a sluggish ringleader in a knockout. And now there were only two patlatogo hefty Ambala, one blonde, the other piebald. While guys honestly fought one on one, defeating the attackers, from somewhere behind the trees came a couple more. And with the words "our beat!", They rushed into the fray, trying to attack from behind Denis and Sergey. Tatiana picked up the bottle.

- I get off my boyfriend! - She said, and hit on the head that attacked Sergei.

Then on Jan also found something. It is as if, sobered and went directly to that prepared attack on Denis.

- Not zli Woman in high heels! - She blurted out, much stepping on the foot guy heel, he turned around, trying to grab his leg and just under the jaw Framed Yanino knee, which has already been bent forward and went to hit him in the groin. The guy passed out with a groan. All froze stunned. Denis, sharply struck the final blow blond and brunette, raising his hands, he tried to crawl away, but it knocked out Sergei. Here Ian felt that her sick and reality become blurred. The last thing she heard some different voices calling her name.

The pain in his head and a wild thirst. Heavy-pretyazhelye eyelids. The body does not respond. And someone is terribly hot side, from the back. She barely stirred and opened her eyes yet. Unfamiliar room. Brightly illuminated. In front of her chair where her dress, or rather sundress Tatiana. It feels like it's still in shorts and bra. Hot body behind the move. Gentle, but strong arm embraced her, being on his stomach. Ian made an effort and turned. Beside her sleeping Denis, where no shirts. "I hope he's not naked!" Flashed through her mind. He sighed, stretched, and opened his eyes.

- Hello! - Sleepily muttered guy.

- Hello! Where's your blonde? On the other hand? - Ian snapped.

- It is not mine! We broke up! A long time ago! But she decided to take revenge on seeing me with you! Because I left her! - He looked expectantly at Ian.

- Okay. Tatiana and Sergey?

- Let's go to Sergei.

- So it's me they left with you? - Ian asked incredulously.

- Yes. Although after yesterday your "debut" soon left me with you! You're so vmazat knee that guy, I think you broke his jaw! - Denis chuckled.

- So that's why the knee hurts! - Ian broke out in chills.

- You do not remember anything? - Denis surprised.

- The picture is unclear, but I think everything will fall into place! After a while. What's with these guys?

- Sergei and put them in good hands! For example, to make them all what they wanted to do with you!

- They will take revenge! - Suddenly scared Yan.

- No! Believe me, they will not do anything! Otherwise they attract! By all counts! Do not worry about that! - He ran a finger down her cheek.

- What am I doing here? - Making a puzzled look, Yang said.

- You sleep in my bed! - Denis replied honestly. - It was necessary to you in the condition to send parents home? - He added.

- No! It would not be cool! You shirtless!

- You flooded it somehow tacky colorful drink!

- Sorry! And your jeans, too? - Ian realized that regard elbow his bare feet.

- No, but they are terribly uncomfortable bed! - Understanding what it is, Dennis razulybalsya.

- But why am I not in a dress? - Insisted the girl.

- He was afraid that his pomnesh! I was warned that it is new! - Man, suddenly became serious and almost pulled a face to face Jana. - I like you! I wanted to come to you a couple months ago, but did not dare. My ex haunted me, and you are so timid. I was afraid that it will hurt you.

- You are, after all, know that I like you! - Ian gasped.

- Yes, he knew!

- That you think is fair? So behave! - She angrily looked him straight in the eye.

- Probably, not! But I needed to clean up the mess in the first of his life, and then start a relationship with you! Moreover, I knew that Sergey looking for a guy for you and would like to look at your actions. I thought maybe you will choose yourself someone, but you ...

- ... On the ears in love thinking only of you! - She finished.

- Well, I did not know then that all so seriously. And yesterday, you do me a few times to a standstill delivered!

- I just have such a reaction to you, and drink!

- Yes, I already knew. After your phrase about ... - his hand moved from her waist to the chest. - And I do not think that she is too small.

- I'm in a bra! - Ian looked at him incredulously.

- Yes ... and ...

- I do not think that ... - he gently grabbed her bottom lip with his lips, and then the top, then lower again.

Their bodies were suddenly very close. Ian opened his eyes and saw his gaze, full of desire and tenderness. He took it to her lips and kissed her for real. Gently and persistently. His hand was on her neck from behind, without giving away, but she did not try. Then he gently held her cheek, neck and shoulder. He took off the strap of her bra, her fingers traced the chest, exposing her. Backlog nipples and went down to the tummy. His lips brushed her cheek, repeating the path of the fingers. Delayed on the breast, taking the nipple. As her body went goose. Blood became hot. A wave of desire echoed from the stomach to the tips of hair on his head. There was the excitement of the unknown and the trembling at the knees. With her lips broke the first moan. Behind the scenes, for herself, she was on her back. But Dennis already removes her bra and admires her breasts. She suddenly wanted to cover himself, but he did not give, spreading her arms to the side.

- Do you have it not small! Just, that's it! - With these words, he began to caress the lips and tongue of the second nipple, playing with the first finger.

Her hands were by themselves in his hair. The body is leaning forward to meet his caresses. With legs wide apart, she felt its weight and allowed to descend lower to the tummy. But as soon as he pulled the edge of her panties, she shivered again.

- I still…

- I know ... - he said softly. - I understand ... - he was back at her, her lips on her lips. Under tenderly kisses Ian relaxed and yielded to his strong fingers, so expertly caressed her body. They entered under the panties and artfully explored territory. Since the clitoris, they all went down below. And now, one finger has penetrated inside. Caressing and teasing her flesh. Behind him a second. Lightly touching the barriers, they make a circular motion, exciting, exploring, stretching.

- You all techesh ... - Denis whispered in her ear, so passionately. - ... It's terribly exciting. I want you! - The last sentence he said, looking straight into her eyes.

- And I want you! - She replied.

- I'm not going to rush ... I want you to be only mine!

- I want to be yours!

He leaned down and kissed her, then he knelt between her legs and slowly took off her panties, returning her legs to the starting position and, looking into her eyes, again introduced her two fingers and began to make a circular motion, then inserting, then bringing fingers. Without giving it to hide behind.

- Do not be shy, look at me. I want to see how you feel good. What are you, when the desire to pierce your body when you're on the verge, and when you finish. - These words made her blush, but at the same time brought her even more. For a moment he stopped, quickly took off his boxers and was on top. Her body tensed, feeling the solid object at the entrance. He pressed his lips to it, caressing it with his tongue and began to drive head on her lips sex, clit, then down to the most desired location, then rising up again. Sometimes he lightly presses and slightly sinking in, but then again went out and tortured her in anticipation. And when she was used and completely relaxed, he slowly entered her and abruptly walked to the end, inhaling her moans with a kiss. Her nails dug into his shoulders, his legs involuntarily clenched and his body instinctively tried to go back. But he held her by the shoulders, trying to pull harder on themselves and penetrate as deeply as possible. He kissed her like crazy, waiting for her body to calm down. Ian was completely dissolved in it, and waited for his movements. She so enjoyed this new feeling. He's in it. This solid and strong. It expands and fills it.

- All is well? - He asked softly, looking into her eyes.

- Yes ... - she nodded to confirm his words.

Without breaking eye contact, he slowly came out of it and began to sink again, making her moan. Muscles tensed inside her, not wanting to let go of the subject delivering such contradictory feelings. With every movement of her moans grew louder. Body began to be made towards the cave and back, trying planted as much as possible. Something rose from its depths, and was poured into her body, causing tremors and spasms, clouding his mind and causing to lose touch with reality. She clung to him as I could, merged with it in one piece, and collapsed on the bed, eyes closed, gasping for air.
Ian came to himself and felt that he pinned her with all his weight and panting hand caressing her clitoris. Sensing her movement, he propped himself up on his elbows and looked into her eyes.

- How do you? - Panting, he said.

- In the seventh heaven ... - she smiled, prompting a response.

- Seventh talking about? The next time you need to get higher! - Guy kissed her on the lips. - You just do not be afraid!

- Are you finished me? - She asked with big eyes.

- What? No! - Rolling his eyes, he said.

- Then why should I be afraid? - Ian asked with relief.

- Well, blood and so on ... - he looked at her anxiously.

- Come on! Like I never had monthly! - She took a deep breath, closed her eyes and remembered only that the experienced moments.

- Let you wipe! - Something between a soft touch her feet above and then, finally, its abdomen. Ian opened his eyes and saw how assiduously, with tenderness in his eyes, Dennis wiped it with a towel. - And now, in the shower! - He commanded.

- Behave! - The girl reached.

- Better'll carry! - I picked her up and carried her into the shower.

- If I did not go to this stupid party? - She asked, when they were already under the water jets, and he gently caressed her breasts with one hand, and between the legs painted another pirouette.

- Then I think I would have waited for another opportunity! - Denis said.

- The next semester? - Slyly looked at him Ian asked.

- Practice! I had a plan ... rough ... - he said cryptically.

- Aha!

- Aha! I still would have found a way to get to know!

- Some intimate acquaintance turned out!

- Well, it was a sex therapy to remove the effects after yesterday's events.

- So it was just a drug? - Willfully hurt she asked.

- No! It was a wonderful start!

- What exactly?

- Our relationship! I'm serious! I want you to be only mine!

- Maybe you can persuade me!

- Here is how?

- Aha!

- And in what way?

- You can imagine ... you've already got a plan? ... Rough ...

- I have a lot of plans for you. And it does not approximate.

- And what they contain?

- Well, for example, that's it! - He touched her crotch. - And this! - He kissed her on the lips. - And even that! - He ran his fingers through her anus.

- Wow! Extensive plans.

- Yes! It should start as soon as possible to implement them, and even a lifetime is not enough! - He gently pressed on her shoulders. - If you want to? - He asked slyly looking into her eyes. She just smiled and sat down on his haunches.

- Team! I am a newbie here, too!

And after a few seconds I heard the groans from the top caused bezslovnoy lip prayer language and, of course, an incredible desire.

A service Gang bang

Valentina have long looked at his partner at work, muscled torso that it is very exciting. Stealthily watching Dima, she imagined, they are alone, caress each other, and Valentine is given to him. Dream the dream, and the confidence that Dmitry was concerned it was not until one day they did not stay after work to finish something. Neither employees nor principalities, but they are. The situation is favorable to a close communication, not just talk. Valentine thought and did not hear the question, woke up only when Dmitry touched her shoulder. From its warm, soft palm, spread all over the body wave of bliss. You're probably very tired, let's cheer up, do massage, said Dmitry, and began gently stroking the neck, shoulders, and knead leaned and whispered in your ear: I and erotic. This whisper and his hands staring her body awakened in her hunger, dozing for a long time, as the men she has long been interested in, hoping to relations with Dmitry. And it just now was close and penetrated under her blouse, rough squeezed his chest while biting the ear of Valais. A little rudeness, mixed with affection and now her panties soaked, swollen clit was close to them, he asked to be free, as well as a member of Dmitri. The guy unbuttoned his pants and the light came out perfect miracle with a big smooth trunk, spotted by pouting blue veins, crimson head. Valentina from what you already let saliva, so she wanted to play the tongue with a desired toy, and she held out her hand, grabbed and pulled the member Dmitry yourself. He being in close proximity to the girl's face, he offered her his dignity. See long it Valya did not and began to lick the head, and then letting out the grease. Up, down, around, suck directly on the glands, it sucked a little salty male rod, holding her breath. Dmitry was difficult to stand, he went into the corner with a very comfortable leather armchair and motioned for a girl. After removing from it all and sat down in the chair, he dropped Bring down on his knees, bent over and forced to suck his cock. Val went to work, but Dmitry one jerk turned her to her ass hole and planted a current to a member on which a rider she began jumping and jumping like mad.

Holding the girl's waist, he pierced her pussy, seating on the eggs themselves. Seeing as it slides over the penis, labia Spreading, slick juices, he stepped up the pace. From his attention was not lost, that Valya already sweat, a little breathless and seems to have been on the brink. - Yes, my bitch, gallop, ebis, sit down. I will tear your hole. So shouted Dmitri until both of them are not caught orgasm. Both with a long hunger, once was not enough and they are not taking out a member again started sexual intercourse.

Now Val nasazhivalas ass moaning and whispering: yes dear, yes, fuck me in zhopku, about how I want you! Dmitry and fucked, shedding sweat, struggling out of the forces, trying to satisfy their partner's, and, animal hunger. A little bit of time, and that's the approach responsible moment, he already hurries Woman words: yes, my girl, you are super, stop. And she came, and he followed her.


I run across the field, overgrown with tall grass, wet with dew. Grass whips my naked body, I'm a little cold from moisture and fog rising from the ground. But jogging warm me, I can not stop! It comes on the heels, he will soon catch up with me! Run away from him so sweet and so painful! Already I feel his breath back, touch hot hand ... but his hands glide over wet skin, and I fling myself again! How do you want him to give in! But then the game will be over. I feel that it is not enough of.
Toes completely numb from the cold, the grass is cut up my feet, breathing beginning to stray. But he did not slow down, it runs steadily, if exhausting me! The rustling of his footsteps I hear a smile: "Run, my naive little girl, run until there is strength!"

Each breast swaying motion, hinders work with your hands. I hold myself to run through nettles, but still, it burns me! After her pain does not come immediately, nettle poison spreads slowly. Oh, oh, I can not anymore! I look back, but he was nowhere to be seen, timid joy arises in me: "come off?" It falls on me from behind, his hands raked me in his arms, his warm body pressed close, his breathing gets me through the back, through the spinal column, depriving I will. My legs give way, I do not want to fight anymore ...

Well, I wake up in the most interesting place! Always so when you sleep on the veranda in the summer! In the village all wake up early, kicked cows grazing, the shepherds drive the herd on the street like this does not wake up from? But so lazy to get up, I want to lie still, soak, to dream, a dream to watch. The hands themselves are attracted to hot wet place between her legs! I have quite a bit to massage the clitoris to come. I drive her fingers up and down to the entrance to the vagina, press my hand tightly and firmly, hold my breath ... yes! It is quite another matter! Phew! You can stretch, it is still a dream finally passed!

Still have to get up, I have a lot of responsibilities! We must help grandparents housework, since I have a party! Hastily dressed and ran across the yard in a warm bath since last night. Not too warm and there is! Pour water, nipples stand erect immediately! Brr! I wipe a rough towel, pull on a T-shirt and shorts. How nice not to wear a bra, at least sometimes! So, perhaps, it is necessary to organize breakfast. The first thing you need to do to collect fresh eggs. I have to go to the stable and climb to the barn to check each slot.

I climb to the barn, there is very dusty, trash flying in the air, it is well seen in the sun, strange, if only here that someone was. Or is there? Calms down and listen. And no wonder, for avian hubbub and other morning I hear the sounds of muffled moans and sighs. Very interesting here who can have fun? On my loft? Sena is not much less than half the space, hay has just begun, but enough to hide me from their eyes. I decided to crawl closer, and see everything with my own eyes.

With the utmost care I sneak to the couple, but it seems that they are not up to me, they are very much passionate about. And here is the nest, it is necessary to take one egg with a, and the second left to the chicken did not notice the theft, nothing that I climbed up here? I began to distinguish the voices. Oh, nifiga yourself! Now I understand why they are hiding here! My neighbor to the right and my neighbor to the left! They're second cousins, or whatever it is called ?! They even adult children, but Such a connection is unlikely to understand!

It is necessary to pass the buck! But so want to spy! I'm already here! None of this will not harm. I rush yourself a hole in the hay to see everything! Oh! The process is already in full swing! Heck! Not so it is interesting from the side. He lay on top of her in poluspuschennyh shorts, her legs sticking out on either side, his bare ass rising up and down, kissing sounds. Overall, not impressed! Maybe I have the wrong perspective? I sit back, wait for developments. Well, turn it at least something for a change! It is as if I heard the alert!

"Look, here is someone! I'll check! "- He took out his penis and it went in my direction!

Looking closer, I realized that no it is not a member, but a real dick! Strong, a dumpy! It is clear that with such economy can not invent any special item, I'm sure, and so it was good! Pancake! He will find me now! Krak! I broke the egg, all spread out on his feet and shorts! Oh oh oh!

He saw me! He looked me straight in the eye! He recognized me!

"Do not worry, no one is here! It seemed to me!"

What? Like this? Slowly, he came back to her, put her on her knees and with obvious pleasure and complacency began to fuck her! Ah well! Do you want me to look at you? Well, yes, exactly! More t-shirt and took off, so I looked at the back tanned, sun-hardened and hard work of the village. He opened it so to look at me! He pulls it toward deeper, and judging from her moans and movements, it would prefer to do.

Well this insolence! And do not dream about me! You do not shine! Strange to say, I absolutely can not move, I can not bring myself to leave! I want to look at them! Sneezy! Damn dust! They begin frantically dress, I run away and jump into the barn with hayloft and run out the door. I hear that they got out of the window in the roof and now scatter in different directions across the garden to his home. I run into the outside toilet, locked, if the chase forward, ha ha! It is necessary to appease the heart and catch my breath after seeing the spectacle.

Of washing off the crushed egg, I plunged into the household chores, but impressions of the events of the morning did not leave me for a minute! I glowed like a Russian stove, and now I will be a hot day the floor. During the day was very hot, generally, all the cases in the village at this time fade away, the street is empty, just the kids screaming on the pond. Older children consider it beneath their dignity to swim with them, and adult uncles and aunts come to swim in the pond in the evening, when the "council" with deeds. I'm not referring to himself or to any other of the audience decided to take a dip during the day, but on the river, where people almost never as children deeply, and adults closely.

Going to need almost the whole village, even I had to throw a towel over his shoulders, so it does not burn. We had to take a bike from a neighbor, but to meet her face to face after the loft I have not wanted to. I have a favorite spot on the river, there is deep enough, because They dug out gravel for road construction. And the rest of the small creek, with bald spots bottom, overgrown with reeds. My Hot curtained willow branches and almost always cold even in the hot sun.

I like to go into the water slowly, so she slowly raised my legs, the body is covered with small ants, and when the water reaches the hips, it becomes unbearable to endure! Then I quickly sink in whole or dive! I love the feeling of weightlessness, it appears that water me hugs and caresses. Come to the shore on a small island in the middle of rivers and stretches on the hot pebbles, I rented a swimsuit to sunbathe without stripes, close my eyes and absorb the smells of the river. Bliss!

Ringing in my head a void violate any arrogant voice. I opened one eye to find out who dared to disturb my rest of my fonts? And I understand that two men with fishing poles on their shoulders skedaddle to the shore with my bathing suit in his hands! And there, and all my other clothes! That these fishermen I have no provision!

I understand that it is useless to shout at them, run away with the loot. We'll have to negotiate. I ask what they need instead of my clothes, they are a lot of discussions, all-naked after my view prevents them from concentrating.

And they put forward their demands: "In short, you give us to touch her pussy!"

"Do not you podohueli boys ?!" - I know that bargaining is appropriate.

"Che? Naked go home in the village? "- They insist on his ultimatum.

Well, let's say, not through the village, but only to the nearest house, where friends live, they can ask for clothes. Just then, each village trifle next ten years will have to make fun of me. We agree that they return me to the bottom of the swimsuit, and I give them to touch her breasts. Moreover, the exchange takes place in a very serious situation, the rest of the clothes they leave on neutral ground, on a tree branch as collateral. I frankly fun, looking at how they are worried!

Well, who's first?

"We are at the same time!" - Not wanting to lose face in front of each other, they are still hesitant and compress my chest.

Ouch! Well, who do with breasts drawn! I see in the eyes, that thought process stopped inside their heads. All the energy is transferred to the lower half of the male torso. Though small, but still a man!

Suddenly one issue: "Well, the udder!" And runs away! The second of it! Jumping to his great and carried away! I, too, treacherous spies, found someone to confuse.

Day composed lots of fun! On the way home my catches my neighbor on the old bike, offers a ride, I agree, it would be foolish right now to deal with it as something new. In the end, I'm not to blame for the fact that he fantasizes about me. I Go in the evening to a club to a disco? Of course I go! And what else is there to do in the evenings? Not Yakubovich same look? Compared to them, any village club wins.

Drink vodka whether rural women? No! Only alcohol! Just each throws his water in the correct proportions, I just - city girl - did not know about it until I took the first sip! Until I coughed until the eyes no tears gushed! Do village girls? high? My girlfriend ate. I stretched cutlet, which is completely prolazit throat, and I did not become easily from it. Admittedly, there is no "Martini" does not set up so the woman on an adventure, as the alcohol! Finally, it was decided to move out from the back room to the dining room where we were sitting, where one girls worked at a disco.

the male half of society does not dance at village discos, dancing rather only ballads and the rest of the guys hanging out at the club porch. Dance only girls, but how! Like the last time, as escort all his guys at the same time in the army! No matter under what kind of music! I had a great atmosphere and penetrate this no longer think straight who looks at me, and who is not.

And he looked at me! My cute boy! Rather no longer a boy, just, I know you're on my art sick the last five years, and the last five years you do not solve anything more serious than to accompany me to the house and give the toy. Have you noticed at all, I'm not a girl, that I grew up? Now I will you have fun!

I invite you to dance, my humble boy! I press you to the whole body, I'm squirming in your arms, you were obviously not ready for this! I manage to stroke you on the fly, because you like it? It is a pity that the music ends. Walk me home? I lead you by the hand. You really have not understood anything, or just can not believe it?

I'm looking for some of you in an old abandoned collective farm barn for storing grain. I begin to kiss you, I begin to undress you, unbuckling the belt, jeans down. You're in shock, I think, you are silent, only breathing convulsively. I finally freed member of cowards. View standing dick gives me an overwhelming desire to just take it in your mouth and suck and lick and caress! What other process could be more exciting? I slowly tongue and lips I remove the foreskin, freeing the head, enveloping her with his mouth water, I bow tight lips and begins to sink all the member in his mouth.

I like to suck, I like to feel as he rests against my throat. With one hand, I squeeze his base, and a second hand knead the scrotum. I rip and start licking the eggs. You're standing in the darkened barn, I stand in front of you on your lap, you're pressed against my head more to him, now you do not restrain yourself! What? So fast? Already? I only came to talk! You came to my hair, now they will smell sperm. I get up from my knees to kiss you. But you stopped me in a couple of centimeters away from his face: "You what! I just fucked you in the mouth! In the cool, guys will not believe! "

Yes, I could only think that you are at least worthy of a drop of my level? Your concepts about sex so primitive! I quickened my pace, now a house very close! It's good that you did not even try to catch up with me! Correctly say, the more developed a person is, the calmer he refers to oral sex. Although extreme, on the other hand I also does not appeal, such as: "Let me suck you quickly, and then we fuck - hairstyle Remember, the theater did not have time."

I climb into my bed, do not even want to wash off make-up, I'm too depressed! We must return to the city! I, too, young lady - farmer!

Larissa (part 5)

Andrew Kohl met in a dressing gown with a towel in his hands, because just had a bath. In referring to his young friend, it was clear that Nick was obviously "out of place".

- Yes, you have no problem? What happened? - Andrew asked sympathetically, wiping towel wet head.
- Yesterday my mom came home "tipsy" and immediately behaved oddly. Then she went to bed. Then I came to it. You know, I have no such thought - quickly began to describe the events of the night Nicholas, as if reliving it all over again - I'm not going to, as she undressed in front of me. I mean, completely undressed. And earlier still in the hallway she raised her legs, showing all that under her skirt. And panties she had not. Where she forgot them? Maybe they did not put on? And I just wanted to turn off the lights - Kohl continued haltingly, omitting the cause of the mother awakening that night.
- And as she undressed in front of you? And that means - raised legs? It is that - was so drunk? - Andrew's hand with a towel over his head stuck.
- Well no. Not drunk. The feet are well kept. I helped her take off her shoes, and she was his feet - on my shoulders. And then completely undressed. She provoked me - made an unexpected conclusion, Nikolai, and a little thought, categorically drew a line - she wanted me.
- Oh well. And then what happened? It is that she spread her legs in front of you? Or maybe she did you undress? - Andrew is clearly interested in the story.
- No. I was in shorts. And her legs - a trifle. She and her mouth, and even ass prepend itself to me.
- As the mouth? In what sense?
- Yes, in the most direct. She took me into her mouth, and more than once. In general, the fun was a night - firmly assured Nicholas.
- Well, this is serious. And you? You will not "lose face"? - Half-jokingly I asked Andrew, thinking that behave this way can only be a woman, to taste his wonderful psychotropic drug. But where could she take it? Andrei suddenly arisen weak hunch.
- You're funny. And the problem is not the point. When we woke up today, she did, though not immediately, but to themselves and did not let a very rough, like crazy, pushed out of the bedroom. How to get her back to be normal? - Hopefully I asked Nicholas. Under the definition of "normal", he meant the desire to see it the same as last night.

The above further approved Andrew in his conjecture. Apparently, Eugene night podvёz home fuck them a woman who is the mother of this horny boy. And this conjecture he was immediately initiated.

- This can contribute to only two reasons - Andrew thought for a few seconds, - one of them you've probably tried it. And, here, the second ...? While, however, looks like your mother? She's beautiful? And you did not sleep with her before? Well, let's say, the previous night?

Kohl did not understand any of the reasons in question, but enthusiastically recalled the previous night, which they, along with Andrew and his friends held him in society, girls and women are the undertaken nowhere. In his mind, too, I was born a long time exciting conjecture.

- Is that she was with us? - Trembling from surging excitement, Kolya faltered and took one of his pictures. So he was not alone. So his friends can help him - you know, I guess. Here she is. You see - it is beautiful! But how did you manage? And if it can not be repeated?

With pictures on Andrew calmly looked the same "adorable", they fucked first in the house of Nicholas, and then the whole day in the country in Eugene. It is his gorgeous body brought Andrew to the point of exhaustion. She drank all the juice out of it, leaving itself the most enchanting memories. It is available to view photos Andrew suddenly led to great excitement.

- But it's your mother, - a barely audible whisper, but rather just thought Andrew and then caught himself. Exciting and frank story Koli his intimate relationship with her, his glowing enthusiasm and hope the eyes, this very photograph shot all the problems. For both of them it was not only worthy of respect, but also very desirable woman. But now Andrew wanted to possess it without the help of psychotropic drugs. He thought for a moment.

- You say ... again? And when you would like to repeat it?
- Tomorrow, my grandmother is coming to us. It hurt us. Therefore, there can not be right today.
- Well, you can try today - it coincided with the desire of Andrew - but you and I, perhaps, will not be alone.
- Invite more, whom you want. I do not mind - almost cried Nicholas, more affirming the idea that too is now a mom can not just throw him out as a boy.
- Good. Take two more of those guys who were with us the day before, - said Andrei, but after a little hesitation added - perhaps another. For starters, it can inflict a scandal, and it may have to calm down or simply hold back. For you it is not from the hand. Yes, and in general, for a start you will have to sit quietly in his room. When she is ready, we'll pozovёm again and you will enjoy her body.
- And it will again be normal? - Kohl dreamily again invested in this issue its own meaning.
- Certainly. You have the house, by the way, I have a VCR? And whether it is possible to install it in her bedroom?
- Of course. They have two. One of them, as the time is in the bedroom - cheerfully reported to Kohl, though he could not "grasp" what is needed here, "VCR". But, remembering the second reason for his arrival here, he added, - and I, just, more wanted to take his video camera.

Yes Yes. Take your camera. But I'll bring the disk itself. Now go home and wait for us to visit. We will not make you wait long. By the way, we will have one more lady. You dont mind? - I concluded Andrei conversation and went to brush up.

In developing the plan, Andrei immediately thought about Eric. That she would be able to persuade Larissa without any problems involved in his game. Gathering his friends, he explained in detail to each of its task and an hour later with a small whole company was on the spot.

Shortly before the arrival of the son of Larissa woke up and walked carefully all the rooms. After making sure that the house she is one, Larissa calmed down, went to the bath, casually threw the door latch and with pleasure gave his body under the warm and gentle jet shower. The latch did not work and the door opened a little treacherous, invitingly combining internal sex bathroom with the outside world.

water noise coming from the bathroom, immediately attracted the attention of Koli, as soon as he came in the house. The guy with the tremulous excitement, almost on tiptoe, approached the cherished door. Such him once already happened. Then, it is purely by chance found himself in front of this with a narrow lumen is not completely closed the door, followed by being sprayed with soul serene splashing his mother. However, while an exciting spectacle frightened him and he did not dare to spy on mom bathing. Then he not only feared her anger, but he stopped still and strange sense of shame. Now, Nick, is not thinking about the consequences, with quiet admiration admiring beautiful female body. Nude mother stood back to him so close that it could even touch it. But now, Nick will give only his eyes, excitedly watching her every move and could barely restrain himself when his mother, polusognuvshis thoroughly washed their feet, and delights in between.

Finally, Larissa took up the towel and Kohl, trying to stay unnoticed, pulled away from the door and quietly hid in his room.

Still feeling himself alone, Larissa came out of the bathroom naked and throwing the robe, went into the bedroom. Nick waited patiently for further developments, but tightly closed behind her mother's bedroom door no longer opened. Apparently, my mother lay down to rest. Make sure it is not going to leave her room, waiting for Nick Andrew went into the yard.

Faced, finally, the long-awaited guest, Andrew immediately led them straight to the living room. The bedroom was quiet, but Larissa did not sleep. She was just lying in bed, painfully trying to recall the fragmentary picture of the night.

The first bedroom has gone to Larissa Eric. Silence greeted her friend, she immediately put the disc into the VCR. Larissa silently watching her, waiting to see what Eric will be able to explain to her the events of yesterday, but she mysteriously silent.

- Where are you brought me yesterday? - Larissa start nervously - I do that to you, what a prostitute?
- Well, do not, friend. After all, everything went well. nothing will happen to you. No hair not fallen from your head. A worldly pleasures we all are subject. We had a wonderful time. And you, in general, was at the height. I was even a little jealous of you, and especially your temperament.
- Have we been together? After all, I immediately left, - rudely interrupted Eric Larissa.
- She left and then came. What does it matter?
- How is it here? - Larisa asked in surprise.
- Very simple. You spent the night with Andrew and his friends at home, and yesterday morning, Andrew brought you to us. You were great all day. This charming, I have not seen you. A late evening Yevgeny brought you home.
- What kind of absurdity you talking about? What is Andrew? I have since yesterday evening did not go out of the house - strictly Larissa cut and for a moment confused, suddenly remembering a strange presence in her house unknown guys and some girls. But she really did not leave anywhere then. Eric clearly something is confusing. Faint hope has returned to Larissa and she suddenly added - and now I'm at home all the time.
- All this is true. But you probably think that Saturday. But today and tomorrow, Sunday, Monday, comes your mother in law. All Saturday you entertained in our company, and I'm here to your mother in law did not recognize it.

Larissa was taken aback. She did not understand anything, conscious only that a certain length of time simply disappeared from her memory, so all that is now said Eric, she was horrified perceived as a verdict.

- And my son? Where was he on Saturday? Does he know that I have the whole day was not at home?
- Well, you care. And you do not care what you do all last night with buddies Andrew at home? By the way, and your Nicholas participated in these games. You should talk to him. He can tell you a lot. And about last night too. He'll even photographed. That's one of your photos. For, look, - Eric sympathetically put the photo on the bedside table.

In the minds of Larisa suddenly surfaced this morning. Conflicting feelings aroused the memory of transcendent contact with his son. Somewhere slipped languid satisfaction, but it immediately overlaps the sense of insecurity and the loathing shame. The outlines of the ill-fated periodically blurred photos and Larissa learned something, it did not recognize himself in it. Finally, she put the photo closer to his eyes and seemed to closely and studied him for a long time. However, immediately after seeing it, she closed her eyes in shame, without understanding anything. But the picture has not disappeared. It is with his son. Both bare and both satisfied. So the son had seen her naked. Of course, I did. Indeed, this morning she was completely naked in front of him. So, could and photographed her in this terrible way. But to so openly? And as soon as she could afford?

- Or maybe it is just a montage? - Suddenly he pushed the faint hope Larissa.
- No, darling. You shot your son and he has a lot of pictures. And besides this, you still and video filming. Would you like to see? - Firmly said Erika and picked up the remote control VCR.

Larisa anxiously looked at the TV screen. At first, there appeared her own bedroom and plenty of naked bodies. Immediately it was difficult to know who is who. Then, Larissa saw herself. The picture was clear. On the bed sat a naked man, it is not quite familiar. Before him it was, completely naked, kneeling and holding his penis in his hand. Without a doubt, this was it. Like especially her head for a moment was taken close-up and she looked defiantly into the lens, the picture to the right member in his mouth.

Larissa have not had time to realize what he saw as appeared on the screen of her son. He slept peacefully, but it is already awake and he is, the poor fellow, slowly comes to life. Then two men diligently wash her private parts, and son sitting on the floor beside him and with a marked interest in considering these places, sometimes even touching them with his hands. It is the same all the time, shaking up - upside down, his mouth satisfied sitting in front of it has the other guy. Finally, the bath was stopped and then, her son was already in it. Larisa again remembered this morning and throughout her body involuntarily drifted sweet languor. The son has already come. Here he comes out of it, and - oh, horror! - Immediately, re-enters her in a different grotto in its untouched before the anus.

Larisa confused confused. After all, is not it, and the other one with a screen Larissa calmly took it into the Forbidden Grotto. The usual pattern of sexual intercourse it is not so embarrassed, but now this method was disgusted with her and obviously troubled. However, the following events on the screen shake this outrage. The one other Larisa screen clearly getting enjoyment and gradually "ringleader" in this Larissa TV. When on the screen followed by a very rapid orgasm with convulsions voluptuous female body, then sitting in front of TV Larissa from the past disturbances in general, not a trace remained. Larissa remembered that this morning's son wanted to do the same and, therefore, almost really empathized this orgasm. She also remembered that morning drove by himself and his son in their hearts already regretted it. Internal ban clearly thawed.

Kohl suddenly disappeared from the screen and Larissa immediately lost involuntarily emerging interest in viewing.

- May be enough? I can not look at this stuff, - he pleaded before Erica Larissa clearly replaying their indignation, and then naively added, - where did you get this disc dirty?
- Well, why so rude? As you can see here unfolding real events and then they will not oppress. Look at his happy face. Then you obviously enjoyed. Here is look at yourself better - dramatically retorted Eric, specifically catching and stopping the frame where Larissa bliss from surging orgasm.
- But this can not be. I could not let this outrage. I do not remember this, - confused excuses to her friend Larissa, although the presence of naked boys in her bedroom she, though vaguely, but remember, and be more and more inclined to think that it all could have happened to her. However, this explanation is not found.
- So see. Maybe you remember. Moreover, you should know everything that is written on the disk. For you it was a pleasure, so relax and have fun again - calmly replied Eric and let the video on.

With a strange sense of hope to find at least some explanation of this horrible orgy of Larissa and obeyed as if by inertia, continue browsing. The promised Erica she felt no pleasure, but the disturbance was gone. Not there was it at the time when the screen reappeared "forbidden method" already one of the adult men. Now this method, especially if has been shown more vividly, in every detail, but watching it caused only disgusting embarrassment. However, in this orgy of Larissa for the first time with its hidden pleased that the boys behaved with her care. It catches the eye. It seems therefore, that other Larisa from the screen and did not resist. It was hard to believe, but Larissa on-screen ease behaved like a real a pro and, like all at the same time, received unconcealed delight. And this, looking at the screen Larissa, all desperately felt his insecurity.

Soon there were such pictures already at the cottage Erica. Here, men were also very polite. Larissa was clearly the center of attention, but now she was not alone. On the screen with her fucked and Eric. Shooting has been built so that Eugene in these shots was not, and Larissa could not help thinking that they are both married women have every reason to fear for the fate of this disc. Without looking up from the screen, she furtively watched sitting next to his girlfriend, but did not even hint at the fact that Eric was indignant, or at least, nervous. On the contrary, she enjoys watching and really empathized seen. Thoughts Larisa completely confused and irritated gradually passed. You're just all the same nasty feeling of insecurity.

- And if you can not destroy the disk? It's no good end, - almost Larissa calmly asked. Now she saw Erica ally, because she risked seemed Larissa, no less, and they have had together to get out of this story.

Before Larissa today passed as any information and every so monstrous earlier that she could actually perceive only the latest. She had not thought about his future relationship with his son. This segment of its fragmentary memories left only a feeling of sweet languor. She no longer cared so obsessed all the guys with whom she amused herself. She even forgot his desire to find out how all this could happen? It is now very worried about just what these unfortunate footage there and it seemed everything would be given to destroy them.

- Nothing could be easier. But it will have to do something - and hopefully, at the same time, Eric said cryptically.
- So come on now and destroy, - Larissa felt a surge of satisfaction. These nasty shots will be destroyed. She inwardly glad that I forgot even to find out what kind of service, while waiting on her.
- It is not so easy - immediately cooled her ardor Eric - First, we must understand that it is only a copy. Secondly, we are just one picture, but where are the others? And all of this does not depend on me, or on me.
- And from whom? - Excitement Larisa again taken quite different shape.
- They wait in the living room. We agree with them without any problems, but they expect from us the same attitude, - explained Eric confusing, seemingly simple things.
- In the living room? Here? And what do they need?
- They need only a repetition of what is on the disc, - Eric momentarily relaxed, presenting himself in a similar situation, but then confidently and firmly added - we'll have to do it right here and now.
- What, again, is all this? - Larissa finally understood everything and was taken aback - is it not enough? Nay, let them roll to the devil. They do not any prostitute.
- Well, you obviously repeated with a prostitute. We're just beautiful women everyday and nothing is alien to us. Over the two nights with us nothing happened. Nothing happened today, and you know it well. But with your mother-in shock can happen tomorrow, when she sees it all. You well know that you are waiting for tomorrow? Do you still think about it, my friend, and consent. You and I have no choice. And no doubt, everything will be fine. I'll be with you - Eric was silent for a moment, and then abruptly asked, - Say, you have a choice?
- I do not know. Maybe it's something else to offer?
- Silly. What is different? They want exactly this and this alone. Choose - gentle guys next to us or your mother in law angry with you, "one on one". What is more important to you? I see that you are afraid of-law anymore. And rightly so. So that? Agree? Then we come to him in the living room.

Larisa shivered with fear. Other way it really was not. She had not seen him. And yet she was afraid of these people. Her little reassuring is that it is not one that will be with her Eric. Together not so bad. And yet she was very ashamed, but fear-law did not leave the choice to her.

- Or maybe it's better they come here? - Hesitantly he summed up his heavy thinking Larisa, still hoping for a miracle.
- Correctly. You clever. We will meet them here. And what's more, that we with you then not very embarrassed, undressed with them, let's do it now, while we are alone. To meet them, as it should be. By the way, you do not need to be washed? - Caught on the body of the girlfriend Erica clean and began to take off his clothes quickly.
- I swam an hour ago, - he said Larisa suppressed, remaining motionless. She was wearing only a dressing gown, but she could not part with it. She thought they were with those who behind the door, to start just sit and talk to each other, or drink something, finally. She hoped that she still be able to negotiate with them in some other way. But Eric has shed all her clothes and began to help her friend, having to remove the belt on her robe.

Bathrobe freely open. Seeing his naked body, Larisa suddenly began to resist, but the decisive Eric picked robe bottom, just vytrusila of his girlfriend, not even giving her time to recover. No less decisively Eric opened the door and entered the bedroom people. Larissa has not even had time to whisk into bed. She simply hold down, covering her breasts with one hand, and the second - down between his legs.


The ceiling is slightly floated. At this point, the mattress seemed so soft and comfortable, as if someone has managed to replace another right before she entered the room. Due to the half-open door he heard voices and female laughter. She gasped and turned to the side, plunging into a sweet dream.

Somehow, the dream quickly retreated. She felt something on his shoulder.

- Too tired of all the noise? - Someone whispered behind her.

She felt warm breath on his back. The mattress sagged and creaked softly, turned out to be another man under a blanket. Awake she did not understand, who are near.

- I'm for healthy sleep! - Trying to pass the rest of his fun, again she whispered her sister.

The girl nodded and allowed his eyes to see manifested picture. Sandman surrounded her. Somewhere in the distance like the music began. She tried to catch her, but the melody was silent, as if it had never existed. The image became clearer. Vision entirely engulfed her.

Picture swam and disappeared into the darkness as if someone turned off the projector in the cinema. She felt fingers in his stomach. From feeling skin crawled. Sis tightly clung to her and climbed hand under shirt, gently snoring. It seems to sleep.

A smile brightened her face and, once again, today's birthday girl tried to sleep. Fingers trembled, slipped up slightly by hooking her bra, and froze for a few seconds. We walked through her body down, hooked her panties. She moved. Sis continued to stroke her. Sponges pressed against his back, went around his neck.

- Aline, what are you doing? - Barely mumbled the girl.

Weakness pinned her body. That was the only reason that she had all gone from his holiday.

- Nothing, dear.

Sister said everything just as quietly, as if afraid to frighten away the dream of Lena. And once again he pressed his lips to her neck.

Lena rolled over. It seemed odd that sister behaves as her boyfriend. Indeed, he could often wake her up in the middle of the night like kisses from stroking the belly and chest. Usually such things ended properly. Fingers little sister again appeared in a bra, climbed under it and gently squeezed her breast. Lena grunted. It seems that she did not understand what it was.

Alya Connect the other hand, prispustila panties with her sister and began to knead her ass passionately. Lena lay on her back, so she could no longer stick to its bottom. However Alya quickly changed direction, and that her hand was between the legs of the sisters. Lena sighed heavily when the handle, being stronger than she barely managed feet touched the cherished point.

- Do not ... - almost in full voice could say Lena.

Alya kissed her on the lips. Sister almost winced, shook her head. Alya shrank back in her mouth, launched between their language and they parted teeth. Lena moaned. The handle is well entrenched between her legs, and now fingers caressed the mound swells imperceptibly. In an effort to get rid of Muzzy sister, she turned her head to the wall and stretched his hand down. Alya fell upon her, with his free hand grabbed my head and kissed Lena, as tightly holding her head. Tab sister prudently walked Lena in her mouth, and her weakened body could not fight back more sober sister.

And from what it suffered in the adventure? She had drank even less ...

Alya miraculously stripped Lena bra and nearly took off her panties. At a time when the last piece of clothing slid off the heel, little sister's face appeared in front of sweet roses Lena. Alia did not fail to grasp the bud lips, and began to caress his tongue passionately. She pulled free his hands down to remove the little sister's head. Alya wider spread Lena legs and pressed her hands to her head. Lena involuntarily stroked her.

It seems that it gave little sister pleasure. Ala increased the pace, began to lick the juices, alternately back to the swollen tubercles. Lena moaned, and her hands were now just on the head sister, not trying to stop her. She did not know why this is happening to her and whether what is happening. She felt a pleasant warmth in the abdomen, and she wanted to warm it was always there.

Fingers Lena drowned in Alichki hair. She stroked her nails held for the ears, a little wrinkled neck. From time to time the hands themselves Alu presses into it. Lena has rocked her hips, her mouth was open. Sis crumpling her breasts, and her lips and tongue cleverly humored her, without ceasing to caress wet womb. Suddenly Lena force shrank Alya himself. Sis could now work only tongue. Her nose was too much to press, the air is no longer done. She immediately increased the pace, not even trying to tear off his head. Her tongue worked at a speed propeller.

Lena briefly hold it. After a couple of seconds, she went into a frantic cry. As a tear rolled down his cheek. Never ... Never in her life had she experienced anything like it. The heat was now in the chest. My whole body went limp, completely deprived of power.

Lena hugged little sister by the neck, and the girls have merged in a long kiss. Their tongues were intertwined with each other, and the smell of women's passion was in the air.

The light from the opened the door brought her from slumber. Lena saw her friends face. Those looking at her, nodded, and something vaguely whispered. Birthday girl listened.

- So far .. We went ... Happy birthday again! - Finally dismantled it.

Individuals disappeared. Lena was confused. Well, it was only a vision? Like the music? Just a dream ...

She turned to the other side. At the heart of something felt a little sad. Blanket lying on, and Lena pulled him to her, exposing someone's back. Before her lay a naked girl. The light from the next room fell on her back, illuminating pattern. Lena broke into a happy smile, learn a red rosette on the little sister back. She gently pressed against Ale and hugged her. Sheets in the legs was damp, even wet places. Lena smiled and kissed her little sister flowered before the surrender to the power of Morpheus.

Tweets (Part 4: I need money again!)

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"I need money again! Not much. Enough to and the same as the last time in the park. It's not much. It is almost a month since passed ...
Park, where I was with my own permission stranger deflowered, albeit anally, was empty. I am a dad just walked there at about the same time under the same conditions, but my "friend" so never never materialized out of the night and fog. However, the park was not quite empty. We wandered there any suspicious persons and groups of drunken students, but with the money they are clearly in no hurry to leave, though they were more than clear intentions. So I get out of there with nothing.
But be that as it may, the money I need. It is not a question of excess belongings or "to keep up with friends." It is a matter of survival. And if so, I faced a choice as them, this money get with what I have, that is, himself - a young student without special skills and the absence of large amounts of free time (I still study not intend to throw) and was one of the few earnings ...
After the fiasco with the driver, I have for some time lost the remnants of self-esteem and Vitali, who that same evening went to my limp body, fucked without understatement log. Balance Beam, though his legs apart, letting in a fussy it is, in fact, the owner, a member of.
Perhaps, when he opened the door and saw me on the threshold, then, it seems to have lost the power of speech. He was for some time stunned, not believing his luck, and then, without uttering a single sound, grabbed and dragged my body to his lair. Knocking him right there on the bed, she pulled up the dress, pushed aside the strap underwear, exposing the application site of their lustful desires, and immediately took possession of me. All the same, without uttering a sound, just panting and covered with paint with excitement.
The log is lying, allowing you to do with them all that can only come up with the more inexperienced in things like student. Naturally, my breasts were exposed, immediately wrinkled hands and thrown reddened to turn my body and try to put it at the top of her ass. And while my hole, that night only used, to receive guests, I thought a lot. I thought, and my level of self-confidence or does not hurry to rise. I thought I was a loser, is not capable of anything, even make a blow, so let at least someone will take advantage of this negligence and anything more is not capable body. Acne And enjoy it, though without getting on my part at all of any emotional response.
Then a couple of times I tried to re-enter the perk, even once or twice trained on Acne, making that blow, but at the last moment something prevented, then just getting scared or uncomfortable, and I stayed home.
And now, we are putting the most aggressive make-up, almost fit in skinny jeans, jumping on your favorite shoes on huge heels, adding a picture of splendor yet and a handbag, I see myself in the mirror to find the latest defect appearance, and accept, that I urgently need the money because tomorrow I just do not have nothing to eat, and there will be no even a penny to get to university.

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Morning (Part 1: The arrival Gazovik)

My morning pleasant sleep interrupted by the doorbell, the door was a neighbor.
-Vit, the gas company came, they checked the house, let me check proverili.Vpusti
After morning awakening, I had through the riser and even thrown over shorts could be seen, but I thought that gas companies will he not interesting.
Went middle-aged man, and proceeded to the kitchen, a campaign he spotted my morning erection, and when you put the bag as if accidentally touched my chlena.Mne liked it and I kind of leaned casually, what type of spoon to lift that dropped on pol.On specifically reacted with lightning speed his hands began to squeeze my hand rolls and penetrated for shorts exploring my dyrochku.On turned me around and descend shorts began to make me a blowjob. My 15 inch cock completely immersed in his mouth and he stroked through his pants his unit, which judging by the good bulge surpassed my cock. He carefully licked my balls and a member of the rose itself, inviting me to caress him, he undid the buttons of his pants, and from there jumped 18 centimeters and handsome with a large head and I sucked him, on the eggs did not work, the size surpassed my opportunities. Large eggs and shaved shaved groin talked about the buck that was used to monitor the soboy.On pressed his hand and his penis began to sink even deeper, in spite of my protests and retching. But I was saved,
that this morning and I did not eat anything and no interference was part of my throat, and I even felt his throat a large head, dripping with juice and a member of my mouth was filled with his secretions. Male accelerated the frictions and podtyanuvshimsya eggs that were in my hand, I realized that now would be the sperm released into my throat, he became more deeply stick, so much so that his balls were fighting on my lower lip and jerks cum began to shoot me in the throat I coughed, but swallowed, it was a lot. I licked the sperm from the penis and it is buttoned and continued testing. Lather compound and held the instrument, making sure that all is well smiling goodbye to mnoy.Menya so more than once did not wake, but it was worth it ...

Continuation of the morning should be

Morning (Part 2: odd jobs)

After leaving Gazovik, I wanted to relieve the tension. But watching porn interrupted by a call friend.
-Vit, we caught what that infection, antivirus software, you set the constant screams and tells about the infection, come needs your help - I was delighted earning potential, the more extra money to the student during the holidays will not be, I packed up and gone, good to go was close, 30 minutes and I was already at the customer's door.
The door was opened by a man about 40 years old at the waist was tied a towel.
-Come on, I'm going to rinse, the computer is turned on, look what happened to him. The more you know what to do, I will not interfere.
I went to my computer, I turned on the browser and before my eyes opened a website with gay porn, I was in a shock, an acquaintance had a wife and son of 18 years old and he looks a porno. I think as long as it is not possible a little curious, I unbuttoned his pants and started to stroke his cock.
-I see you, too, like a porn voice from the doorway caught me by surprise to say the least, he was completely naked and water droplets running down his body and his Horny plump member spoke of his great desire.
He came to me and I began to stroke his stoyachok. I bent down and began to lick projecting droplets of lubricant. But this was not enough to him and he put me face down on the table and later I shorts shorts began to feel my butt out of his desk drawer, he pulled out lubricant and began to rub my anus. Lubricated finger penetrated easily, and he added a second, ensuring that lubricated well, he dripped on your dick and began to penetrate me. Nice head bursting sphincter and began to further push its tolstyachka. With the habit was a little painful, but the pain gradually petered out and was pleased from the fullness of my priests and he slowly began to pull me. His cock was immersed completely and he began to accelerate frictions.
-Dad, I'm home ... - on the doorstep was a guy about my age, and looked stunned as his father pulls into the anus of his peers.
-Son, that stopped, I have seen websites that you view, there's even one running on your computer, so feel free to join our company - quickly found that his father said, the stallion. Man without thinking twice took jeans with shorts and came up to me, his sluggish, but is showing signs of life member of the requested affection, I took it into his mouth and he began to grow in size. Father on the type of all this was to accelerate and it marked a powerful incentive that he had finished, and vacated the seat to his son. Pre licked his sons farm, the son of his father lay hands on the head of his penis and began to penetrate the full depth of his father's mouth. Excited to limit he scope stabbed in my anus, I even bit his lip as it was too rapid penetration, but the member's son was less a father and his father's sperm softened slip and pleasant languor eclipsed by pain and son with rabbit speed skewer me on that his cock grew and he frantically began to insert, I realized that my anus filled with another portion of semen. I was lying on the table and out of the anus sperm flowed, with the son of the father of her good drugged me. I turned and father and son took turns to do me a blowjob, my cock stood like a stone, the excitement after a morning blowjob and fuck, that was now, did not let me enjoy the blowjob, and I began to cry down hot jet them in her mouth. Satisfied, I did that and I asked my father earned his pocket money.
Thus ended this morning, sexy, full of hot blowjob, group sex and sweet descent into mouths.