Bunch. Part 4

When Olga went to work for the first time wearing a skirt and stockings, and saying something rude to him, Sasha long time could not recover. After yesterday's rape of his ass hurt, but the memory of him as the sweet ache in my soul. He almost missed the work himself. Sitting at his computer, he carefully looked at his staff. And I caught myself thinking that the views they have others. Here sits opposite the beautiful Masha, Sasha always stare at her long legs in fishnet stockings, all the men's team wanted to pull them off her panties with and expanding on the table to blow on the eggs. But Olenka today in stockings! Wondered, too, can and Masha in them. Wait I probably would have preferred to Masha fucked someone else, and then I licked her. Here let Kolya! Dream raced into the distance. Together, they sometimes went to the bath, and Sasha saw Colin member.
He was jealous of all men. The length of 25 centimeters, though not very thick, but Sasha's, it is much smaller! Sasha member actively showed signs of life in the pants. Trying to calm down, he began to watch the reports, but unnoticed even to himself was on seksfayra site. Reading the message there, it is more and more like their incarnations in his life. And the more they were humiliating, the more desirable! Sasha watched pictures, where men dressed in lingerie suck lovers members of their wives, and they fuck them back strap. Unable to stand it any longer, Sasha decided to take a day off and went to his boss. Elena D. valued Sasha, and a little postraschav dismissal, still dismissed. From it not disappeared toporschentie Sasha pants. Going to a computer, he saw his Kohl. The screen could be seen photos of the site. Damn it! I just closed them! Wow! Pervert! Kohl said, suddenly from you! Sasha began to babble something about failures in a computer, but Nick suddenly said.
Come on, we're all a bit like that. And left. Going home and passing the lingerie store, Sasha saw in the window a lot of legs, covered with stockings and tights. he thought I must buy a wife, she is now the whore is! Entering, he selected several pairs of stockings, the most vulgar, in his view. The clerk looked at him in bewilderment. These are only a prostitute, she thought, and he said to his wife. To me, too, must now! Wondered, and Sasha and decided to buy myself. His choice of pairs of white stockings on average in mesh as in the pictures, that he was looking at. She even here these give only a size larger! Purchasing, he came home and undressed completely put Olga's lacy panties and stockings and then bought it. They famously snug leg, creating a pleasant feeling that he did not notice that his wife entered.
Looking at it all in the semen, Sasha finally realized that there is no turning back! Hearing that he needs to carry a raincoat neighbor just trahnuvshego his wife, he blew off his head with joy. Grabbing his cloak, Sasha dressed him and slipped out to the site. Hearing the call and came to the door would open or Ivan. But I look through the peephole to see Sasha in whose hands there was nothing. Entering the hall, Sasha took off his cloak, and stayed in some stockings and panties. Similarly, fag! Not lied! That his wife had sent, he stretched a cloak. She told her to pick up clothes, said Sasha. And he felt a desire to humiliate himself, continued. Thank you! What you fuck my wife! Can I kiss your penis? And kneeling before him. Crazy little family! Thought Ivan, tell someone, they will not believe. First wife. Then my husband. And why not try? Ivan pulled out his penis, and Sasha there also plunged it into his mouth. Ivan was nice, but the member is not getting up. All! Go! He suspended Sasha. Bringing Olga clothes he gave it to him. Vyprovazhivaya him, he drew attention to Sasha's ass.
As a girl! And I could not help slapped her hand. Well, Ivan? I asked Olga. I thanked him, and even a member of the kiss! Sasha boast. Well, you whore! Give now to lick his sperm to me! I have a lot of it will bring you. Olga opened her legs and leaned back on the sofa. Sasha plunged his tongue into her anus to reveal the hole.
Continued: Bunch. Part 3

Janka and Max

These events took place in a country boarding school, located in the forest area. My friend told me this story many years later, after it has occurred.
As in many other boarding schools, there were its own unwritten laws and customs. You were their leaders. When I first saw this guy, thinking, new, young teacher. He was transferred from boarding another city, when he closed the local authorities. In its 17 Max looked at 20, or even more, tall, dark, athletic build, with natural musculature. Impression is the most pleasant and then I found out that it can not be left unattended, for some reason, he was very aggressive, never understood-who is right and who is not, immediately rushed into the fray. But the plus was, at the girls did not pay any attention, not hurt, but close do not admit that the rippling hormones teens was rare.
I then thought, what they look like with a girl from our boarding. Only Janka was not so aggressive, though in itself did not give offense, primarily dispensing sharp tongue that could all put in place. But there were other methods. That's really who spent all his free time in the gym! Athletic body complemented the sweet muzzle sun freckles and copper curls. Like Max, with the opposite sex is not eager to communicate in while girlfriend already being ran on dating and had to learn all the pleasures of adult life.
Janka was standing in the yard by a bunch of guys, as always after he heard the whistle.
- Yankaaa..Yanuskaaa ..- many guys have long dreamed about it.
- Fuck you, goats ..
- I never had for "goat" to respond, Red?
- Ahh ..- Janka-handed brand new asshole. Few of his sheep, another brought.
Max wound up with half a turn.
- Behind the words you answer, I understand ?? !!!
- There is no need to shout, I have a good ear. Calm yourself and sit quietly.
- Come on, Max, it is all true. He does not want anyone-neigh-odin. WMS lesbian? 'Continued to flow in it wit ... from foot shot hit in the shoulder. Joker could not resist and a whooping boys fell on the grass.
- You see, Max, it is all so .. - pronounced skinny blond guy local truce and soul of the company Gray.
- It has turned out, a sheep.
Thus began the Cold War, when the opportunity to do each other any abomination.
- Max, heifers to go - once asked Andrew, the one joker.
Max has long been known that most of the guys are periodically goes somewhere vaguely nazyvyaya it "to the heifers."
- No, I'd rather walk.
- Strange ty..babu tear "for so" you do not want. On Ksjuha you ever look for a long time. Sales do ask, will you Sedna or not.
- No.
- You Th, honor berezhesh - "suffered" shutnika.-Aaaa..ty like Janka, too, that no one has yet given, and Baba too recently knocked 17. Probably waiting for a loved one, or to save the wedding hopes hymen-continued to revel in their own wit, Andrew.
- What a fool you ... - Max said quietly.
Of course, Max was a girl, the one and love, but when he saw the disco, it comes with some pimply freak in the back room, where everyone went for only one reason, at first did not believe my eyes. And when the door opened, I saw that on the table favorite pret this freak, and she moans and tries to place his feet a little wider. He said only one sentence: you have a little one? Or am I doing something wrong? Since then, he began to throw at all, hoping that it will be transferred to another boarding school ... "and that if it is true to? From this litter not lose anything, and I was almost six months there was no one "
- Okay, let's go. Though she does not suffer from anything?
- Yes, they'll go to the side, not only with his-and we have that every day, the medical check-up.
At this time, Janka drank water and watched from the window of the gym, the guys go to the disco. According to the girls, one room for lovers of solitude was equipped in a derelict outbuilding. Some educators were aware of this but turned a blind eye, what's the point to ruin the nest, still somewhere new sovyut. Only asked to 14 years to admit no one. Each had his own man, that ebyr. Periodically, they changed places, but the composition was about the same. Long met only friendly and Angela Gray-tease them even longer, since become accustomed. And there was a part of Max. "And who is this? Max? Another male. Still, also I went. Surely Dink or tear Ksenia ago went looking for him. "And continued training. Janka has never participated in any discos or in such campaigns "into the room." She is just no one like him.
Having come to the disco, Max once saw Ksenia. She walked over to him and began to cuddle up in the dance, though he was not slow. Short Skirt soon showed that beneath it than to hide. Max did not understand this platitude, but the body react quickly - that experienced Ksenia immediately understood and reached to kiss. Clutching her waist Max was already mentally in the wing. He even still had the way it looks, the young organism demanded discharge. Finally she whispered, "go" and Max silently took her hand pulled into the lodge. Without stopping to kiss the girl began to unbutton his shirt, but Max did not wait, just posryval their big hand covered breasts with protruding nipples. Quickly pulling shirt and unbuttoned jeans, he pulled up short skirt and pulled her panties in storonu.Devushka have all flowed. Ksenia moaned and began to fall on a mattress on the floor postelyany but Max ignored the attempt and, pinning her to the wall began to enter into it with two fingers. "Wow, how wide, but then the battalion was to me, but it's even better .." Ksenia decided to show all his skill and knelt down, that would take his penis into her mouth. "No dick yourself" flashed through her mind before she wrapped her lips standing member of the stake. In the mouth, barely placed the head and a little hole. Not only that, it was long enough, he was still an incredibly thick. "Now I understand why he is no one fucked-he's half the girls disability leave."
Max picked up sharply Ksenia arms, cocked her legs to his waist and pressed to the wall, abruptly entered. The girl's eyes widened in surprise and pain, she moaned loudly. Lubricants were many and easily slid member, plunging into the vagina up to the eggs. Man violently pecked wet hole, not really thinking about her feelings, she asked for it. "He fucks me like some kind of whore, in the air, not even looking at me." Max let Ksenia on the floor and deploying cancer, again drove a member to its full length. Ksenia has not moaning, just sighed. Fucking young lady with cancer, Max began to introduce a finger in her ass. She immediately tensed "No, no!" And began to turn backwards, but strong hands only become stronger to keep her from behind. Max has already felt the approach of orgasm, but I wanted to fuck the girl in full, what would others not povadno. Between the legs it was very hot, despite the pain, she was very excited, sweat droplets running down her body. She felt that her anus, stroking something soft-Max is set over his head his poured. A sharp jolt, and it is inside the ring of the anus supple revealed. "Yes, here I am also not the first." And he began to move boldly, holding her hips. Ksenia felt that the tremors have become more and more "schA finish." But Max took out a penis and put his mouth. Ksenia tried to turn away, but a strong hand has kept the hair-Max just started fucking her in the mouth. When the viscous jet shot in the palate, she wanted all vyplyunyut, but heard a hoarse voice
- No. In the mouth. Suck.
These were the only words that he said to her. And she was hoping for romance, kisses and "I love you."
When on the next day, Max walked past her, not even said hello - as there was nothing. But Janka not miss the opportunity to be sarcastic when he accidentally pushed her in the dining room.
- What pressure is lowered, the brains were denied?
- What?
- Nothing. Tired at night pussy Limone decided yesterday ... tёlochku try?
- You do something that, Red? For no one is watching you, and you're jealous? And also red hair between your legs? Or do they paint? Perhaps because of this no one give? - Max knew that half of it is true. Firstly a very even look, and secondly - did not give it to anyone for any reason, that it was very interesting.
Janka silently looked at him, then turned and walked away. After a few minutes in the room, wiping the tears on her cheeks, she thrashed pear. "No one else could bring me to tears, why do I react to it so."
"Damn, offended, I guess. Well, let them roll in the next time will be silent, fool. "
That evening there was dancing again, but Janka has not sat out in the hall. While both girls preening feathers, she wore jeans and a T-shirt, sneakers and went for a walk on the territory, away from the noise of music. She saw the light in the hall. "Someone did not even want to jump on the dance floor. I wonder who? "
"Okay, I'll do one more step towards a ceasefire, will kochevryazhitsya-let then do not complain." Strange, but the Yankees in the gym was not, although it is always there during the "promenade".
- Not looking for me? What are you here to wipe them?
- A room is your property? Train like!
- In jeans and a shirt? What do you want from me? Something else had to say, and all thoughts come to an end in the afternoon? You'll be up all night thinking what else pobolney prick-right brain is not enough?
- Dura debility, very beginners - has cried Max.
In the Yankees in the course went back legs, the strongest side. To beat him, she knew-arm on his shoulder, shin, sun, and his knee in the face. Max did not immediately react only surprise. In the following instant Janka is already lying on the ground, throw a leg.
- I'll beat you, not only because then the problems will not be gathered, dzhentelmentstvo not in my nature. Maybe your other numbers will just not me.
Bruises both still remained, I had to explain that on the next day together trenirovkay. Everything has been realized that this open hostility. When they were near-to-air as though electrified by mutual rage. Fall under the hot hand would not nikto..Eto continued until the next skirmish after two slaps mutual Janka again ran to the gym, where just sat on mats, hugging her knees and quite childish cry, wiping tears with his fists on his cheeks. She did not hear the back door opened and someone came in ... Max came back, sat down and put his arm around the shoulders Iancu.
- Prosti..ya do not want to hurt you.
Janka sharply jumped up and pushed him away.
- Fuck you, bastard. You're just like everyone else, I think you have not heard that about you Ksenia told? Animal!!
Max stared at the floor, feeling the blush ears.
- I will not explain anything.
- I do not expect. You told me no.
- I…
- Go-Janka cried. And it swung to slap in the face, but his hand was intercepted. The second - too. One movement of the hand-Max is already twisted behind his back, and large seeded Yankina eyes looking upwards. "Is it all told? She's afraid of ... what it beautiful. And reddishnesses does not spoil, but rather the opposite, "Max realized that if you do not try to kiss her, never themselves will not forgive. Looking cute, defenseless person he approached Yankina lips. She closed her eyes and flowed from the corners of the tear. Carefully, so as not to frighten or alienate, Max slowly began to kiss her. "Only one kiss and all, no matter what I will not insist, wants her case, to climb into the soul will not." Penetrating language in slightly parted lips, he was surprised to see that it is not suspended, although he had long hands released.
"Maybe Ksenia specifically lied - it was not so ... what if it's true, he's nakinetsya at me like a hungry beast. And if the truth about the size of the same-I can not stand "
Janka minute cautiously beginning to respond to the kiss, though not even kissed before him with anyone. She felt his hot hand in his waist. Max pulled her to him.
- Little does not want you ever otpuskat.- burying his nose in her hair, he felt her scent-mown grass, apple and something else.
Imagine his surprise when Janka grabbed his arms and buried her face in his chest. He lifted her chin and her face began stselovyvat tears. Janka closed her eyes and leaned her head back, exposing the body. Max has long felt a heaviness in the abdomen, but did not want to like the last time to pounce and tear off, he wanted to squeeze yourself and kill anyone who hurt her.
- You do not have to do what you do not want to-ear she whispered, not Max.
In response, she reached for his lips and his face. Restrain yourself, he could no longer. Pulling off his shirt, he kissed her sweet face continually. Launching Jahnke hand under shirt, I felt her timid pats on the back.
- Smeley- whispered Max.
That is already falling to the floor and the last piece pants - underwear. "She was not lying. At least about the size. "- Terrified thought Janka. "How does he fit in?"
They stood in the twilight looked at each other's bodies. "And her hair is" out there ", contrary to expectations not red, and light brown" is not the place thought and smiled Max. Gently pressing Iancu to him, he put it down to the mat and covered his body. Despite the summer heat, Janka shaking.
- Tell me honestly, are you afraid of me?
- No-I lied Janka.
- I can see. Calm down, I'll try not to cause you pain.
He kissed every centimeter of her body. Neck, chest, abdomen, when he began to move lower, Janka involuntarily clenched her legs. But little effort Max parted them, and began to kiss the hot wet folds, licking little clit. "We need to bring her to orgasm, to raaslabit, and she will go mad with pain." Janka breathed heavily a few minutes and her body began to stiffen. Suddenly she squeezed his head to his feet and bent back like a cat.
Max was lying beside him and stroked her body as she moved away from an orgasm. Then he went on, his knee spread Yankina legs and put a member of the entrance to her vagina. Sweet languor immediately flew down to the Yankees and it trembled again, like a leaf. Max knew that endlessly delay this moment it is impossible, and sharply pressed, and the words
- Be patient, milaya.- entered into the open cave. Janka has not sighed, she cried out just closed her eyes to hide the tears of the approaches. It was terribly painful. Looking down and seeing that the term was not included in it and a half, I began to crawl. Max smiled:
- Do not be afraid, no longer budu., and slowly began to move. The pain slowly receded, only to feel as strongly stretched lips, taking a great tool. Poor self monitoring, Max deeper and stronger included in Iancu, she felt every centimeter, every curve of his hot member of his head. She wrapped Max's hands and feet, clinging to it like a tick. In absolute silence only heard sloshing in the incoming Member vagina, hot breath and soft moans of pain mixed with pleasure. Muffled growl, Max strongly pressed Iancu and began to finish. She could feel his cock throbbing inside her madly, and from holes follows the warm liquid. They have long lain in the hall, looking into each other's eyes and talking quietly.
- Why do you give yourself for me? And anyone else?
- I do not like anybody, -usmehnulas Janka.
- And I was to be like me? -ulybnulsya In response to Max, I wonder how you express your feelings on -glyadya still prominent bruises he said.
- Why are you with me behaved not like the others?
- How Ksenia myself with no one to lead. She almost jumps on me, she wanted something and was not like the others to follow her example, and my behavior was calculated that she will tell all.
- You came to me, suddenly I get pregnant?
- I soon 18 - married. Actually, I wanted so much to offer. Do you agree, Sandy?
Janka, laughing, hugged Max ....

The Cat and the Fox

The man drove home lascivious cat in the woods. And in this forest there lived a fox, but this bl ... qb! All Valea familiarize with the wolves so bears. She met a cat, talking about that, about this. Fox and says:
- You Kotofey Ivanovich, single, unmarried wife and I! Take me for himself.
The cat agreed. I went their feast and fun, after the feast should be a cat for the rite to deal with foxes sin. The cat climbed up into a fox, not so much fucked ... ie how many claws tears up, and he still cries out:
- Little, little, little!
- Here's how! - Fox said - it all is not enough!

My sex life. Adventure №1

Hi, my name is Kate. I'm an ordinary girl, from a simple small town. I am now 24. But my active sex life began at age 18 and how often it happens at that age, I wanted something more than the trivial and quickly get tired of traditional sex with her boyfriend. I have it of course is good in bed, but still he could not really give what I wanted. And I had to throw it, so he did not hesitate and did not hinder my attempts to satisfy my inner hell of sex and pleasure. And that I did. To everything was interesting and understandable, I will tell everything in a few stories from the very beginning.
So welcome to my sex life.
Adventure №1. Loss of virginity.
This may seem to someone strange, but I lost my virginity at age 17.
In the courtyard was the month of February, Valentine's Day was approaching. It has been almost 3 months since I met Eugene. I do not know by what miracle I'm so lucky. He was part of our school's basketball team, a tall (about 185 cm.), And incredibly romantic. I no longer abandon the idea that it's time to get and a woman, and then he just like a knight without a horse only. And after 3 months of regular meetings, hugs and kisses, I decided it was time to act.
Evening. Frost. We are sitting, embracing, wrapped in a blanket and watch a movie. I clung to him, put my head on his chest. From it emanates a warm and pleasant smell, I understand that my panties get wet uzheneproizvolno, I was in front of it is terribly inconvenient. But an incredible desire to master it completely destroyed all sense of embarrassment. He, too, I felt my growing excitement and kissed me so passionately than ever before, that already from this kiss I almost finished.
It was an incredible kiss. Oh yeah! Simply unforgettable !!!!!!! The left hand he hugged, lifted me, so now our faces were on the same level, and the right hand gently slid under my shirt and began to gently knead my breasts through the bra, still passionate and at the same time gently kiss. Hand, I began to stroke his cock through his pants, he gradually became, come in the form and state that was required of him. Through the trousers, I felt that the member is large enough, 18 centimeters, honestly for me it seemed a bit much for the first time, but I realized that there is no way back, and I want it NOW. I am freed from the shackles of a member of the trousers, he was a member of a number. I pulled away from the kiss and with undisguised desire glanced at his treasure, Jack shook his head. Leaning, I admired the miracle moment, then gently licked the head several times. And only then immerse dick in your mouth, you can say I dressed him.
I slowly moved along standing member, is holding his breath, then re-swallowing, hand massaged at the same time the eggs. I felt his hand fell on my head, setting the pace. Everything is moving faster than his head, I tried not to let a member of his mouth, I got the buzz already because her boyfriend was doing very well, and it was clear in his rapid breathing.
He examined my hands back, buttocks, and when reached the pussy and put pressure on her through her panties, I involuntarily gasped ran over the body wave delight. I was ready to beg him to take me now as simple whore that fucks another client. I was not afraid or in pain, I did not have any fear of drops, I firmly realize that I wanted to lose her virginity with it, and I will not regret it all my life. And so back to the action. I sucked with such zeal, some from myself did not expect, I licked a member from the base to the tip of the head, took the eggs in her mouth. I was excited to the limit, and without a word he realized that a better time is not expected. He raised one arm around my waist, I threw her leg over him. And the kiss, our tongues merged in the wild and beautiful dance with his free hand, he caresses my pussy rubbed the clitoris, then sank into my cunt is one, and sometimes two fingers - it was incredible !!!!!! And then came that moment I felt the head of the penis touched the lips, and YES !!!! torn hymen, and it is inside me.
From my lips sees neither cry nor something similar to it. It is impossible to convey in words, the feeling that can be understood only by experiencing it. For a while I was not moving, trying to get used to a new previously unknown sense, then slowly began to move it up and down, up and down with every movement I trembled from me cutting through the waves of pleasure. Pain has been a while, but soon the pain became so sweet, and after some time completely disappeared leaving behind only a fabulous sense of pleasure and satisfaction. I was gaining pace, I really enjoyed the feeling of zapolnyatosti as a member rubs against the wall of the vagina, as we would like it to last forever. A wild mix of "cock inside me a sweet kiss + + Jack racked my chest" brought results: I felt an enormous wave of orgasm covers us both with his head, I feel like something warm fills me up inside.
Without power, I put my head on his shoulder, it is wet with sweat, lose consciousness. I wake up, he was still asleep, I understand that we are lying, embracing under the blanket, completely naked, and I am glad that it was in fact, not in a dream. And it happened to him.
I hope you liked it, waiting for reviews and otsenochku. Know more is interesting.
Katyunya: [email protected]

Vika. Part 1

To begin with, when I was 15 years old. And I had a craving for one of my classmate, she was short, but had a good figure, and a small akuratno ass, which was a pleasure to watch. But no particular expectations, I did not feel, 'cause it was so, as all the girls in our class: chegoto feared more than a kiss, and then the MAXIMUM!
So I just strongly flirted with her. And once we besilis as always in class, someone pushed her. I strongly considered before that her ass, and only torture yourself fantasies. And so it fell through to the pants (my dimensions zhalovatsya I did not have to) menya.Moya piece hard dug into her ass, I thought, worst of all, if I am right now, finish it, but I kept fear. I thought she was right now, the whole class will raise a laugh, but she just jumped up quickly and looked at me in surprise. In this view there was something, something that I had not noticed it. She blushed and tried to silence the otoshla.Ya quieter look, and sat down again, as both sat.
Since then I have some time and continued to flirt with her innocent jokes, and such other things. Once in our school was invited vecher.Ya Vick to dance. We danced there, where it was very dark, and away from our classmates. Pants I instantly reared up, and I was angry, why I started all this. I did not ponemaya what I was doing, I began her cuddle, and dropped his hands below. Then I came to his senses, but it was postural, she stopped and looked at me. But in his eyes was back then, and that if she suddenly hugged me, and we continued to dance, but now she suddenly put her hand on my schirinku and silent squeezed my dick reared. I got an incredible pleasure and wonder at myself, but started to fuck her right there, before I distracted her movements. But it was over the song, and I barely peredvegaya feet, went to our own.
Her UGTT day I did not see more, we went for a walk with the guys, and then on domam.Proshli weekend, I am tormented by the fact that I want to see her. Vik all the time standing in front of his eyes, I wanted to Vick, with all the time, so this weekend I have not even a member of opuskalsya.Mne dream silly dreams, and so on. I was full of expectation to see her.
And then came ponedelnik.Vika came in the last school and just ate my eyes, I was already frightened. But I was not taken aback, and replied the same. On that day, our advances were more frank. And here...
The last 3 lesson was canceled, and we were dismissed to their homes. I was not happy about this, and in fact Vika will not have to flirt. But we were home a little fun doroge.My talking, but she had to go home in the next street. Here with me to do something wrong. I said I'll walk with her, I should be on business. I turned her into a corner, and we Installed on. I hugged her unexpectedly, it was pretty bold on my part, we have not decided just obnimatsya, but she clung to me, and we went well. We went to the end of the street where she lived, and she asked me where I'm going, where I am my "affairs" ?
But then I finally sbesilsya. I opened it, and pinned to the fence and we merged in a passionate kiss. Not to say that we were able to tselovatsya, but the feeling was unforgettable.
She pushed me and said:
- Come to me, my house there, and then there's the neighbors will see!
In response, I can only hum, he agrees. I was shaking otneterpeniya, fear, feelings, what will come to pass right now is what I zhelal.Po road to the house she told her father on a business trip a month left, and his mother only comes at night from work, we had plenty of time! Only she closed the door, I took her in his arms, and asked, where is the bedroom, but more to the bed? She showed naprvlenie finger, which was immediately covered with kisses, and I am a great burden burst into the room of her Rodak. Quickly and eagerly made short work with her clothes, and my every touch to it I more and more factories, more and more I liked it. When I removed the blouse, then I clung to her small but firm breasts, a apetitnye! Pants were as follows. I covered her body with kisses, and it gave her an incredible fun! She moaned and writhed in every possible way, under my endless kisses.
Then I moved on to the next level, I quietly took off her panties, and I opened pussy surely virgin, wet, and so small ... I was surprised how well my goof to get through, but I think that the main thing -? The desire and I have it 15.5sm So I wanted to slowly insert his cock in her pussy, but then she looked up from a passionate kiss, and cried out:
- Stop! No!
- What is it? -I Was surprised tolkochto so wanted, and here ...
- Have you forgotten, and priziki ???
I was amazed as I was a fool not dogodalsya their purchase? I almost did not cry on, so it would be desirable, but because of my stupidity it will not be! But she did not lose her, jumped up, ran to the bedside table, and began there sharit.Ya even for a moment about prizikah forget-me were her cool buttocks, and I even more strongly (if possible) would eё.Tut she joyfully exclaimed:
- There !!! Found! So, thinking that they are hiding them here! -and She triumphantly ran up to me with a condom 2.
I felt saved, there priziki! Nezamedlyayas, I quickly began to wear it (I sometimes prudent priktikoval this thing at home, so as not to get into a difficult situation).
And then came the moment next to me lying naked Vick, and was all ready to agree. I gradually began to introduce a member, before that his relaxed, that was not her bolno.No as soon as I put in the head, she put her in something, and my cock mgnvenno excited and stood up so she started screaming that it hurts. And instantly I fell, I do not like girls to hurt, and then Vick because of my pain, and I immediately calmed down and said we could do it was once later on, but it fell on me, started kissing me, and that will now patient. From the fact that I am a perfect body, and that the little fingers on my penis, he again stood up quickly, the whole tummy Vicki was in the grease.
I put on another prizik, and again began to enter into it, she closed her eyes, but now came easily, because it is already three times in time, the more Toper all her pussy was wet before. I ran into a hymen, and surprisingly easy to broke it, Vicky, even pain is not felt, it was now already in a rush, she now enjoyed! I quickened my pace a bit, and then at me freewheeling such an orgasm as well, all the frantically muscles tightened, and I had a long Conal. But my fighter is not even going to even falls, I'm not for so long endured, so just come, and go! I continued to accelerate, but it was still crowded, and I was unspeakably vozbuzhdalo.Vika began to moan loudly, and squeezed my buttocks, then finished, I'd never seen, she scratched my back, biting svvoyu pigtail and orala.Mne liked this and we continued to fuck.
A few minutes later she said she now wants to be on top. I did not mind, and she sat on me predostavivi me fondle her breasts with his lips, and hands-soft and warm ass and began frenzied skachki.Ona start with a slow tempo, and before you finish, so accelerated that I have already started fear for prizik. But stop it was impossible! Her eyes burned with fire, and she wanted more!
When he had finished the second time, she slipped from me, she was a poor girl, and these jumps her tired. I decided not to tempt fate nada (and condom), therefore, in the absence of the other, I suggested Activities in oral sex, about which had only a vague predstavlenie.Ona agreed. About position 69 then I still did not know, so I just took over her crotch with the help of the tongue. I was untiring, I liked to bring a buzz to it, and she had finished two more times. But my powers came to an end, and we switched places, she began to suck.
It was a heavenly pleasure, and I sprsil whether you can finish in her mouth? She silently nod your head, and continued sosat.Cherez moment I had been poured into her mouth, but she did not lose her, all gathered in the company, I thought, and then a little glonula, ... it is clear she liked, and she sipped vsё.Eto vozbudilo me, and after 3 minutes I again finished. Now the force was not with me, nor with her, and we started laying tselovatsya and caress each druga.Tak took about twenty minutes, and I pomotrel-on was already 3 hours! I quickly began odevatsya, and asked her if it ponrav She moaned:
- Daaaaaaaaaaaaa! And if only had more time ...- priziki and she licked her lips and looked at me playfully.
- Just look in the class did not spill the beans!
- Kanechno you!
We kissed, and I went, staggered home, remembering proishedshem, and making plans for the future ...

My new friend

I want to talk about his new adventures. True story will be short because it was all quickly but passionately.
As the evening watching TV, there was a body chat many people know what it is. That's it, I saw an ad that interested me. In this declaration the two friends, searched myself third, the phone was attached, I wrote a sms to them, to which they responded almost immediately, we corresponded to a little bit about each other learn, we agreed to meet the next day. At the lunch break.
By the appointed place I arrived on time. There I have been waiting for two guys, both tall and pretty. I liked it immediately. We chatted a bit about that, about this. One was called Alyosha and other Vadim. Briefly we have decided to meet the pre-phoned in no time.
And finally came the weekend, I called them. They gave me your address, I got ready and went. They lived not far from me on this forty minutes later I was already near their home. The nutria I shook all, I am very worried. And I rang the bell. He opened me Alex.
- Come on do not be shy.
I undressed and went into the room, Vadim was sitting in a chair. We greeted each other, I sat on the sofa, and Alex went to prepare tea. We again began to talk about all sorts of nonsense. When Alex came to us already full they chatted about nothing, laughing. When the tea was drunk, we decided to do so for what and gathered.
I went to take a shower. Under jets of hot water, I imagined how everything will happen, can not wait, I turned off the shower, dried off and went into the room. The bed was ready, I threw the towel which turned and slipped under the covers. When Vadim and Alex came out of the shower I came from anticipation, touch their bodies, especially in some parts.
But everything started to happen since I do not imagine the two of them began to kiss me kiss Vadim May chest stomach and Alex with the utmost care to suck my dick.
I could not wait any longer and took the dick in your mouth, Vadim, I have great pleasure in sucking this beautiful and pleasant to the taste of the barrel. I have tried as far as possible to swallow it, taking out a member, I'm tongue licked balls and swallowed back a little boyfriend Vadim
I do not know how many have continued our caresses time but judging by the groans all was well.
Vadim stopped me, knelt down, and Alyosha has substituted his ass, standing in knee-elbow position, easier crustaceans.
Vadim easily entered in the ass Alyosha and this picture I was very excited, I lay on my back, crawled under Lesha, and began to suck his dick. By moans, I realized that Alex is now gets great pleasure. While Vadim fucked Lesha one hand, he smeared me May hole.
Five minutes later, Vadim pulled out a member of Leschi ass and lay on his back, I knew what he wanted, did not wait for an invitation, and sat on his cock riding.
Alex came up to me in the front and his cock was in my mouth. I took it into his mouth and began to suck not forgetting Vadim I was moving up and down on his trunk. How I would like to look at the part of everything that happens. I enjoyed that never received it was super. And Alex has become increasingly out of breath and his cock sprang into my sperm flow. And we started with Vadim finish at the same time he told me in the ass and I was on his stomach. I have not received such pleasure from sex.
We took a shower dressed again, drank tea, and I went home.
For the next night I recalled Vadim and Alyosha, and dreamed of a new meeting. With these thoughts, I fell asleep.
Soon we shall meet again.

In the elevator with a friend

Hello, my name is Sergey Volkin (but my friends call me 'Wolf, "Gray wolf" :-)). I am 17 years old and I want to tell you a story that happened to me a couple of months ago.
I have a friend (neighbor) her name is Ira. I'll describe it: blue-eyed, blonde burning, an increase of about 170 cm, chest cool 3rd size, long legs, and has a large mole on her upper lip.
She was just a friend to me, but I almost always like it.
But back to the story. It was a hot summer day, the sun was stoked not regretting. I went home for lunch, he saw that Ira enters the elevator asked her to detain him.
She slid in and I went. Not having passed two floors and elevator stuck (this often happens for 20-30 minutes). But this time I was not upset, now I was in the elevator with Ira (my fantasies fulfilled). Looking at her I saw that she was in denim shorts and a T-shirt oh no bra. T-shirt was a bit wet (probably with sweat), and transmission of its wonderful nipples. I looked like an enchanted both her breasts lifted by sighs, falls on the exhale. Ira noticed that I did not look away from its hills. Seeing her eyes, I blushed (I'm just a little shy man), but she just smiled sweetly.
My shorts are very much betrayed me, her eyes fell on them (I'm a little scared), but her smile only widened. I took this as a challenge, but still I checked, pinching her for delicious ass. Nor any negative reaction. Here I obnaglev entirely: it leaned against the wall of the elevator and began to kiss (as I have long wanted, and besides, I'm a girl broke up a month ago). I put his hands under the panties and began to knead her ass, kissing her neck. But not for long, as she sat down, took off my shorts with shorts, she took my it was good in the mouth, as to me. How cool it is able to work his mouth.
What little I have not finished, Ira is realized by pulling the unit said:
-My kitty is all wet ...
He did not finish, I picked it up and put the cancer. Later shorts and red lace panties - saw shaved pussy. Immediately drove his sweltering do not count, Ira gasped (looks at it too long time nebylo sex). Did all three return movement back to its full length, it became a deep breathe, and her muscles gripped my device after a few seconds I felt like everything inside it is filled with juices (finished). But for some reason I still did not want to stop, accelerate the pace, bent slightly slipped his left hand under the shirt - began to knead her breasts (oh what bliss).
Suddenly, the elevator went, and I came back to reality :-( I pulled out a member, and because of the adrenaline surge sprayed her sperm:. The first jet hit on the buttocks, the other in the back rest as horrible, but I smeared a bit of clothing:
-I'm sorry - and became its carved his underpants. I wore it, and barely had time to pull the shorts as the doors opened. And there were two old ladies. We went out:
- Come to me? We are there who do not interfere - she suggested.
Well, of course you know how I said :-). But that is another story...


It was a girl of about fourteen, still a zelenenkaja. Nastya from a neighboring house. Slender, tanned, slightly stooping shoulders, long brown hair, golden in the evening sun. I admired her from the balcony for about an hour. The spectacle, quite frankly, disturbing. The girl was playing with the neighborhood boys in football. Slender legs were strong in short shorts, T-shirt stretched across a small but delicious breasts. Played Nastya, by the way, successfully, in many respects, probably because the guys shared my doggy interest.
I wanted her. Downright in the stomach sucked. I, of course, not a pedophile, I have a normal girl, but she was lovely. Just a child, but such a sexy ...
With daring and naughty thoughts, I opened a bottle of beer and continued fascinating contemplation. "How much you will be mine, my beauty? I'll buy you an ice cream or two, if you're a good try "- I laughed to himself, and decided definitely to fuck her.
Nastya liked me for a long time, you might say, his eye on her. I really wanted to put an even hand.
I knew that on weekends Nastya goes to her grandmother in the village, while her parents leave for two days somewhere to work. My drugana there cottage nearby. My grandmother lives far away from the bus stop, and the girl had a decent walk. Far enough along the road, and the cars they did not. And I have plans for her, very very bad.
On Saturday I was with a friend in the country. Sasha We agreed that I would bring him the girl and together we have fun. He liked my idea with Nastenka.
I taxied to the road on his black Grand Cherokee, and hid in the bushes, just like garbage, waiting Nasty. It was a fresh summer morning, cool and a little windy. I relaxed and peered into the distance - the path to the curb. Fifteen minutes later I heard a light, gently rustling steps on dry grass. I immediately realized that this was my girl. And here it is - in a short denim skirt and a bright T-shirt. She walked with a slight swing from the cold wind, and apparently much frozen.
I waited a bit and cautiously moved out of the bushes, slowly pulled up behind her.
Having time to admire the narrow back with bulging childish shoulders, I approached her.
- Hello, Nastya - I smiled at her, down the tinted glass.
She startled startled, turned his pretty auburn head. Anastasia looked at me with big hazel eyes and smiled:
- Hello, Igor, - said Nastya fun.
Apparently pleased that met on a deserted road is not any stranger, and his neighbor, good and kind uncle, - I thought, and even almost laughed.
- And you to her grandmother, Nastya? - I asked naively, furtively looking around her round breasts, tightly covered with a T-shirt, under which there was no bra. Hands girls covered with goose bumps, it was cold.
- Yes, - she said loudly and looked back at me with his soft, slightly puzzled look, as if asking why I attached to her. "Oh, if you know, baby, why ..." - I felt my hands itched to grab her right there in his arms, and dragged into the machine, properly decorate. And, indeed, it seems like to hang out with me.
- Yes, you go a long way here - I said deliberately simple, but inside all was stretched as a string - yes to the same cold - and I looked at her trembling figure frozen.
- Climb, I'll take - I waved her hand and opened the door to a neighboring seat.
The girl hesitated for a moment as if not daring to sit in someone else's car. I was even afraid that now will not sit down, then there would have to be forced to take action. But whether it is really cold, whether she did not want to go that far on foot, but she dutifully climbed into my car. Because I had a neighbor, a good friend of the uncle.
We drove down the road in silence, I felt that Nastya was a bit tense. Still, it was a bit reckless young sexy girl 35letnemu trust the man. Ay-ay as a rash. So I began to take a Nastya jokes, well, and in general all kinds of meaningless conversations, in order to cheer her, and especially divert attention from the road. But this, of course, was a failing venture.
Nastya looked out the window and noticed a tall decorated houses along the road, which was quite unlike the village, where her grandmother lived.
- Igor, - she said - we do not go down that road. There, at the crossroads had to go right - and she looked at me with her big beautiful eyes.
- It is not for the - I said, not even trying to get out and increasing speed. I looked at her delicate face with a thin flat nose and bright with a damp sponge. On the cheeks girls appeared a young fresh color (after all, it was warm in the car), a thin neck down soft wavy strands of silky hair.
I slyly winked at her and turned away. There was still a little bit, just to drive through the forest, and the girl is ours.
Nastya noticed that I have increased the speed and shuddered.
-Igor Mikhailovich ... - she said, already frightened.
-Hmmm - I said, feeling extreme pleasure.
- We really do not go down that road - her voice was serious and somehow aggressively.
I looked at her and laughed now.
- For the, for the, Nastya, - I said - do not be afraid, come to the right place.
The girl stiffened, her hands with beautiful delicate fingers clenched in her lap.
She spun around to me.
- Stop the machine - quietly said Nastya, her pale lips trembled.
I laughed again.
- What are you, Nastenka, I really afraid of? - I said softly and put his arm around her thin shoulders, I have nothing bad you do not do it.
Nastia broke away from me and shrank in the seat, it even felt sorry for a little bit. Probably still a girl - I thought. The thought I had almost finished. Little innocent girl ... Just candy.
- Stop the machine, - stupidly repeated Nastya, almost crying.
But I did not listen to her. That's the way I am actually a bad uncle. Henceforth do not trust, Nastya, unknown men. Soon I will teach you a real lesson to remember for a long time.
- And here we are, - I said have fun and even a little solemn, as if waiting for the shout of joy from her, like "oh, well, finally, how great!". At least in me screamed and jumped with anticipation.
I looked at the girl. She curled into a seat, there were tears in his eyes. I got out of the car. "Nothing, it's the first time. Then another like it, she would ask. All of them are whores, and kids as well. "
I went to the other side and opened the door for her.
-Come, - I commanded.
The girl did not move, I was starting to get angry. "Just think, fuck. Do not kill the will. All the same, ever would have happened, it is better with a normal guy, not the kid some fifteen years. "
- You recently wanted to get out of here - I said firmly, - so go ahead, go ahead!
She still did not move. "What's wrong with it, deaf or what?"
- Do you hear me? - I bent over her.
I abruptly grabbed her arm, - gone!
Nastya muffled scream. I strongly squeezed her hand and pulled over. Released as cute. I pulled the girl to him and pulled out a folding knife. Her eyes widened in alarm, she wanted to scream.
- Not to sound, I realized - I threatened her with a knife.
- Got it? - I shook her weakened body. Downright I felt his knees trembling girl. I was terrible winds, - to understand, I ask ?!
Nastya nodded and began to cry.
- Clever - I praised the girl and led her into the house. She even almost did not resist, I held her tight and painful.
I opened the door with his key and pushed her into the hallway. "That's right, honey, now you're mine." And ... I locked the door.
- Please - she whispered to me in the back - Please, let me go ...
Nastenka broke off when I turned to her.
I leering grin.
- Late drink Borjomi, baby, - I said, and sharply pressed her against the wall.
The girl gasped and shuddered. I kissed her pale lips warm, caressing them with his tongue, and gently let Nastia. With one hand I pressed the girl to the wall, and free entered under short skirt and stroked slender young hips, rising higher to the panties.
Nastya cried and tried to pull away, but I held her tightly, just torn from the unbearable desire the proximity of her body.
I stopped Nastya dent in the wall and grabbed a thin brown hand, led her from the hall. Sasha came toward me, smiling and having fun looking around our candy.
- Wow, Igoreha! You're with goodies!
Sasha was a healthy bull with fists the size of a head Nastya. She once hunted looked at him and suddenly rushed, I could. I'm not that surprise, but rather a curiosity that she was going to do, let Nastia. The girl ran to the door and jerked the handle. Locked the door, of course, he did not succumb. We Sasha laughed. The girl started screaming and banging his fists on the door.
I looked at each other and said:
- Come to understand, it's your turn.
Sasha went to Nastya, scooped her up in his arms and carried her into his bedroom. The girl sobbed and struggled out of his mighty hand. Her little fists beat on his back. Denim skirt rose strongly and me a piece of her innocent white panties became visible. The sight I just lost my head. "Do not worry, babe, will soon make you a submissive slut."
Sasha Nastya brought into the bedroom and threw her on the bed. Girl instantly huddled in a corner, pulled up under her knees, and large frightened eyes looked at us.
- Give water, Sasha, - I said to a friend.
- Why do you want it? - I wondered the same.
I took out a pack of pills and said:
- Let the drink would not want to, so she flew. We even her parents to return.
Sasha went out and returned a moment later with a glass of water in hand. I took the glass and went to Nastya. The girl sobbed and clung to the wall.
I gave her a pill.
-On, drink, - I said.
She jerked her head.
- You fool! - I shouted at her, - you want to get pregnant?
Nastya wept again, but took a pill. She frantically swallowed it, and I gave her a glass. Nastia clasped his fingers, her hands were shaking so that the water almost spilling out of a glass.
I turned to Sasha and said:
- Come on, have a drink yet. And she let them sit for an hour, think.
Sasha laughed and we went out of the room.
Minutes after fifty, we are back to our beauty. Nastya all also sat in the corner of the bed, but did not cry more, and still just staring at the wall.
"Apparently, he resigned to his fate" - I thought - "Yes, baby, you're in for a real sex marathon."
- I am the first, mind you - I said Sasha - whose idea was that?
- Yes, I do not mind - he said, and sat down in the opposite corner of the room.
And I walked up to the girl and leaned over her. Nastia looked up at me with desperate eyes and wept.
- Please, Igor, - she pleaded desperately - do not touch me ...
She fell silent and watched me pull together a t-shirt. I leaned over to the girl and abruptly grabbed her by the hair. She screamed and frantically hammered. I shook Nastya and again threatened with a knife, she said in her ear:
- Will you do what I tell you! Understood?
Nastia stopped screaming when she saw the knife. She stared fixedly at the cold blade in the vicinity of her beautiful young neck. I let go of Nastia, and she fell on the bed.
Get up! - I ordered it.
The girl stirred slightly and got up slowly. I stood in front of her and saw that she was very frightened, barely on his feet.
I liked it a damn. The power of these magnificent young body, elastic and thin as a reed.
- Take off your panties - I Nastya said.
The girl winced and looked straight at me. It seemed Nastya yet to be fully understood where she was and what will happen to her.
- Igor Mikhailovich ... - she whispered hoarsely.
I just lost my head when Nastya called me so. It seemed to me that a little more, and I just can not stand, but purposely stretched the pleasure of feeling like a hot wave of rises in the abdomen.
I succumbed to a sudden impulse and hit her hard, so that she fell on the floor.
-Do what you're told! - I ordered, and hauled her to her feet.
Nastya, her head down, ran her hands under her skirt and slowly began to shoot little white panties, bending the knees. I reached out and she gave them to me. I threw her panties in the corner of the room.
- You will then crawl here on my knees and collect their belongings - I promised the girl.
I wanted to have a small idea, a little striptease, but I felt I could no longer endure.
I grabbed Nasty by the shoulders and threw on the bed. I leaned over her, but she whirled on her back and tried to hit me with his foot in the stomach. I grabbed her legs, but she began to kick and break out of his hands. I admit, did not expect such a hurried my Nastya. I pulled her to the bed, but she fought like a lioness, scratching and biting. Apparently, she came to her senses.
It turns me on just in a terrible way. I hit Nastia several times to calm down a little, and turned back. So it was easier to hold.
I lifted Nastya skirt, revealing a delicious young ass. I ran a hand through soft elastic skin, lightly pinching and caressing. The girl twitched again, but I held on tight. I dropped his hand below, where it has a small hole, touched her kliterochka, and then stuck his finger right inside. "How narrow" - I thought - "Quite a girl." Nastya flinched from my touch.
I turned back to the girl and lifted her shirt, revealing a small rounded breasts. "I bet to them did not touch even a single man." Nastia tried resisting, but I swung and rolled her slap. The girl screamed and fell silent. I lifted up her hand until she regained consciousness from the blow, and pinned them to the bed, so she could not resist, and pressed her legs. With his free hand, I began to fondle her breasts. I grabbed his mouth a little dark nipples and touched his tongue. Small buds swell and slowly rose. I sat on Nastya and sharply parted her legs. Nastya had tried to resist (her hands are free), but I quickly calmed the girl a good blow to the head.
- So you lie, bitch - I ordered.
And Nastya did not move. She was so moved apart with your feet in front of me while I unbuttoned jeans and took out his swollen member sweltering. The girl saw the impressive size of my body, and her eyes filled with terror. Nastya last hopeless jerk, but I hugged this beautiful resisting body to the bed.
I pressed the head between her legs, and went in. Nastya screamed and arched her neck, gritting his teeth against the pain. Jerks I completely filled her tight virgin depth. girl's body tensed beneath me, I felt her slim hips frantically wrapped around my torso. I took out a member of the half and drove it again, enjoying her muffled scream. I began to fuck her tight sharply vdalblivaya included members. Her small breasts bouncing with my every thrust. Nastya hoarse moaning when I have time and again inserted her, her eyes rolled tears. On the forehead of the girl of sweat. I felt the approach of orgasm, and finished right in it.
I leaned over to Nastya, kissed her trembling lips and wet girl whispered in your ear: "I was with you first."
And I came out of it feeling wonderful euphoria.
From its rastrahannoy small holes ... poured the blood mixed with the sperm, my cock was also in the blood. I wiped it and lifted the sheet off the bed Nastya.
- It should be in the bathroom, Sash, - I said to a friend.
Sasha took my Nastya in bathroom.
I removed the bed sheets and bloody, crumpled, threw it into a corner. Lit. A minute later, Sasha gave out of the shower naked freshly Nastya.
Sasha pushed the girl to the bed, and she fell face down. Nasty thin shoulders shook, she sobbed. Drugan approached her and spread to the sides, slender long legs Nastya. She did not resist. She was already ours. Sasha quickly unbuttoned his pants and freed his just huge cock. The girls are usually thrown Sanka after the first couple of times. Few could withstand the fuck. Sasha did not take the time to play with her appetizing ass like me. He was just impatient.
Sasha abruptly pushed his thick member in its hole and Anastasia screamed. He put the girl to bed and continued to enter into it. He began to move slowly at first, then faster and faster, working vigorously ass. He imprinted Nastya in bed, with his every thrust the girl screamed hysterically. Sasha had finished, discharging directly into Nastya, and came out of it. The girl went limp on the bed, her body twitching wildly.
Sasha stood and buttoned his pants. I called out to him.
- Hey, Sanya, there is vodka? - I asked - let's drink, I do it while blow teach.
Friend, whose face was bliss, went for vodka, and I raised my ochuhalsya girl out of bed. Sam sat down in a chair and put her on her knees in front of him. He took his risen member.
- Take it in your hand - I ordered.
Nastya dutifully grabbed my penis with their thin trembling fingers.
I enjoyed a few seconds it innocently warm touch.
- Now open your mouth and suck - I ordered the girl.
Nastya hesitated a little, but I grabbed her by the hair and brought to its members. She opened her mouth and began to suck me. The girl's mouth was not included, and half of my penis.
I took Nastia's head and began to push through it deeper in the throat. The girl choked, but I would not let her, and she sucked. A little closer to the mouth rough tongue gently encircled my trunk. I just baldel the feeling that I give in the mouth fourteen Nastya, yesterday virgin.
While the girl sucked me, Sasha entered with vodka. He saw an interesting picture, immediately perked up. By putting the bottle on the table, Sasha went to Nastya behind and lifted her ass.
The girl tried to jerk, but I held her head.
- Sitting, - I growled, - continue.
Nastya began to suck again until Sasha slips back into her his penis.
Soon drugan wildly fucked a girl, and she became a muffled scream, choking on my cock. Sasha finished with Nastya, and came out of it. Just a second later I discharged directly into her mouth.
- Swallow - I ordered Nastya.
She dutifully swallowed the semen. Sasha came to the girl with a bottle of vodka.
- On, zapey, - he said, and laughed.
I stuck it in the neck of the mouth and grabbed his head.
- Do what you say, bitch juvenile - I Nastya said.
She took a couple of sips and convulsive coughing. Her eyes filled with tears.
We Sasha left her briefly, let him rest for now. The girl huddled in a corner of the room and shrank into the wall. And we came up with is that it would create more.
After drinking, we continued to make our baby. First I put the cancer Nastenka and a good fuck.
Girl has finally come to terms with their situation and do not resist. I grabbed her waist and began to stick sharply on his penis. Nastia only moaned in pain when I hit his hand over her elastic ass and clutched his chest. When I finished, I stuck a finger in her ass, he barely entered. Nastya cried, apparently realizing that now it would be to fuck in the ass.
- Sasha, do you have any cream or something like that - I called a friend.
- There are, of course, - said Sanya, and squinted slyly.
A minute later, Sasha gave me a tube. I looked at the package. It was a special cream for anal sex. I choked a little on his fingers, and began to lubricate my girl, poking straight into the hole. Then I fuck her ass a little finger. He was part of it is easy and free. I took out a member of her vagina and put into a small hole higher. Members include very hard, but I pushed and abruptly put through.
Nastya choked screamed and jerked, but I kept sharp and tough grind it. Properly tear her lovely ass, I came out of it and looked with satisfaction at the two small, it is a little rastrahannye holes. "Soon it will be like a real slut" - I thought, and gave way to Sasha.
After we took turns several times Nastya fucked in every hole, we gave her a conveyor. Sasha lay down on the bed, I put the girl on his rampant cock, and he fell in behind, put her in the ass. Otymev girl in this position, we have changed. Then we with Sasha in turn gave her mouth ...
We have deprived the girl of virginity for the full program. Nastya, frantically twitching, lying on a bed. Her face sweat from the long frenzied sex for the first time. We are quite satisfied Nastya young body and left her - let her sleep. After some time, when there was a very decent amount of drunk vodka, we also went to sleep.
I woke up suddenly in the middle of the night. On the street he loaded the rain, in the dark, lightning flashed, and the thunder of crumbled, seemed right on the open balcony. The body, the usual habits, felt fine. Not sleepy at all. "I'll go check on our baby." - I thought, and went into the next room.
With a creak the door opened again thunder. "I wonder if she is afraid of thunderstorms?"
I looked at the bed. Anastasia slept, curled up, facing the wall. It was a very touching spectacle. A thin blanket is not tucked in only her shoulders, but exciting clung to her beautiful, slender body.
I approached the bed, bent over the girl and put his hand under the blanket. Breathing Nastya interrupted, she woke up.
I'm under the blanket touched her belly, she whirled on her back, and when he saw me, tried to scream. "Silly, it's time to get used to his position." - I thought angrily. Covering her mouth with his hand, I pressed Nastia to the bed.
- Do not cry - I whispered. - Sasha will awake, you too otymeet.
I pulled back the bedspread and stared hungrily at the naked, trembling body. One hand I put a small elastic chest and began to stroke her, squeezing and pinching. I still just wanted to look at the naked body of Nastia.
There was a silent sob and tremble interrupted breathing. Nastya cried. I bent down to her face and kissed her hot, moist lips. Pushing their language, I stared at her in close, rough mouth and long, painful, hard-kissed her. When I pulled away from her, Nastia greedily breathed in the air, her chest rose and began to caress her again. I kissed a gentle tear-stained face, tongue tasting the salty moisture.
I do not want her to cry. I wish it was a little Nastya and I wanted to please her.
- Quiet, baby, - I whispered softly, - I will not hurt you.
I looked at her tear-stained face and kissed her lips, and now carefully and slowly, caressing them with his tongue. I went down below and slowly began to kiss her neck, chin, small bone on the chest. I caressed the hands of a small elastic chest. I wanted it badly, just to pain, but I hesitated as I could.
Nastya did not cry anymore. Her breathing became heavy, intermittent. Small buds swollen from my cautious fingers.
I held his hand over his flat belly and sank below. I kissed her, my hands were everywhere ... I parted Nastya legs and touched her kliterochka, pressed his lips to the damp crotch .... Nastya arched her back and threw her head back in response to my caress. Her body was trembling and languishing with desire.
I took off his pants with shorts and loomed over her, feeling the hot breath uneven.
Slipping his hand under her back, I pressed Nastya to him and slowly began to enter it. She was excited and I easily got into her tight hole. Again her young anguish gripped my trunk ... A delightful experience!
I began to move in her hands stroking intense hot body, breathing fruity smell of her hair, kissing them.
Nastia hugged me with one hand, but did not respond to kisses. Her eyes were closed, with parted lips frustrated soft moans.
I began to move faster and faster, trying not to be sharp and not to hurt her. Suddenly I felt the muscles tightened inside her, Nastia sharply screamed, her nails digging into my back.
Feeling a sharp tightness in girls, I realized that now finished. The great effort of will I restrain myself, still is in it, she enjoyed her orgasm. Nastya arched her neck, her fingers trembling on my back, and made a hot blush on the cheeks.
Then I came out of it, and, fingering, cumshot on sheet. After issuing almost animal moan, I bent over Nastya, having rested his elbows on the bed. She experienced the first orgasm in my life, trembled as in a fever and breathing heavily. I'm tired of kissing lips wet hot and exhausted, I lay down beside him.
Nastya clung to me and I held her hand, but I was almost unbearably hot. She buried her face in my head and began to cry softly. I embraced Nastya stronger, partly realizing her tears, but was unable to comfort her or say anything. "Let her cry - it's useful," - I thought, and passed out.
The box gently falling rays of the morning sun of summer, the air smelled of wet grass freshness. Quiet and warm and clean.
I quickly woke up on a transparent light amber, which circled a little shimmering motes. Next, I felt warm slightly rough touch. Her head lay on my shoulder, soft hair, disheveled on the pillow, slightly tickled. One hand Nastia hugged me in a dream.
The sun lit up her face and shoulders protruding from the blankets, tanned hands with slightly golden hair. I looked at the strange grown-up calm face Nasty and it seemed to me a woman. "Yes" - I thought - "she is a woman, because of me." I winced.
Nastia opened its dark, quite sleepy eyes and looked me straight in the face.
I smiled at her and pulled Nastia to her, the closeness of her slender body struck me in the head. I kissed her gently and slowly as the night, and put his hand under the blanket.
Nastya suddenly jerked strangely and put her hands on my chest.
- What are you - I whispered - as you like ... yesterday.
Again, I pressed her to his chest and put his hand between her legs.
Anastasia looked at me with terrible eyes, reflected in their flour.
- Do not, please, - she whispered hoarsely, and swallowed - I'm so hurt.
I let go of Nastya and she pulled away, looking scared and sorry.
- At the bottom of the abdomen, - she added - hurt.
I looked at her for a long time, staring at her face. Large dark eyes looked sad and depressed. They were all - the pain and humiliation, and reviled trampled honor and disgust, and fear. They had everything, and because they seemed older. And hunched young body numb lay beside me, defiled, hurt.
I felt a wonderful power over her, happy sadist raped her, sharing her body with another. And now I was sorry to Nastya. Sober in the morning his mind sharp and sharply pierce the serene feeling. I felt sorry for her.
Nastya shrank together, apparently fearing that it will again be raped, despite the pain and pleas.
I believed Naste- did yesterday was her first time, and we had not to stand on ceremony.
- Calm down, - I said to the girl, - nothing will happen.
Nastia dropped her head on the pillow and closed her eyes.
- Will you take me home? - She asked.
I pulled back the covers and got out of bed. Nastia lay motionless, looking at me with dry eyes.
I leaned over to Anastasia, and holding her in his arms and carried her into the bathroom. Light slender body leaning against me, excited. But I has brought her into the shower stall, lowered onto the wet cold floor, and turned on the shower.
Back in the room, I gathered clothes Anastasia and brought to the bathroom.
- Here, - I said - I will dress. Nastya nodded and I left.
After the bath the girl in some places torn crumpled clothes looked slightly shabby, but, in general, all as well.
- Sit down now, I now - a shower I said, and went to take too.
I emerged from the bathroom in a robe and took it to the room, began to dress in front of her.
- There you want? - I asked Anastasia, pulling the T-shirt.
The girl shook her head.
- No, - she said quietly after a while, her dry pale lips trembling slightly. I was starting to get angry.
- Chora mope, Anastasia - I said to the girl - now take you home.
I went to Nastya and her hands on the chair arms, loomed over her.
- And another thing - I said, pulling from his pocket a mobile phone jeans.
The girl raised her large frightened eyes, I almost felt to me like it went cold inside.
- Although you say the word parents - I opened the phone a couple of naked pictures - these images will be on the phone all over the city - I showed her.
Nastia somehow sluggish dazed gesture reached for cell phone and looked up. Her eyes reflected the pain mixed with deadly fatigue. She pulled her hand away in disgust and leaned back in his chair.
- I will not tell anyone - Nastia whispered with his lips, his eyes closed. According to her cheek delicately slipped a transparent tear, - let me go home.
- Well, that's nice - naturally I said, relieved knowing that the girl did not say a word.
- Come, have breakfast - I took Nastia's hand.
The girl obediently went with me to the kitchen.
I bungled the simple breakfast of a couple of sandwiches and fed my newly made woman. I myself was terribly hungry after exciting sex.
A few minutes later I came into the room just woken up Sasha. Wincing and screwing up his swollen eyes he walked unsteadily to the washstand.
I was having fun. "The early bird catches - the fuck Nasty" - I mentally composed a pun. Here I am in the morning already satisfied.
Sasha opened the tap, and put his head under a stream of cold water. A friend went through clearly.
I reached for the bottle standing on the table with the remains of vodka and checked the amount of residue - "one hundred grams is." I poured vodka into a glass and handed it to red, it is hard to moan Sanka.
He drank it and immediately, blissful sigh, sat down next to Nastya. "I can imagine how it wafted fumes"
- Good morning, Igor, - Sasha said.
- Good - I smiled, holding out another cigarette.
- Thank you - grateful he grunted.
We smoked. Sasha came to himself, kissed the girl sitting next to, an arm around her shoulders. Nastia dropped her head and sat motionless.
- Hey, Igor, - Sasha said, extinguishing a cigarette - the girl can be left for another day. Let's summon Kompashki - Let it around? A?
Sasha narrowed his swollen face with vodka, satisfied the proposed idea.
I felt a surge of anger. "That bastard!" "And he is?" - I jerked himself.
I looked at Nastya. She sat motionless, his head bowed.
"Do not touch - I'm angry. - You fool! ".
I lit another cigarette, and said quietly:
- Her parents can come for dinner.
Sasha rounded surprised eyes.
- You said tonight? - He was indignant.
"Right offended - I thought. - Yes, you even fuck her now can not ... Something I have not very good mood today! ".
- Yes, yesterday I confused drunk - I said, finishing his coffee ... leftovers.
I looked at my watch - 9:30.
- Come on, flooring, - I called a girl.
Nastia briskly got up and almost ran over me - away from Sasha.
- Well pokeda, pussy - Sanya told her goodbye.
I took the girl by the arm and we went out of the kitchen.
- I'll see you, - said Sasha.
Thin shoulder under my hand shook.
We went out into the street and I planted Nastya in the car. It was also freezing and a bit windy as yesterday. Pinkish bright cloud covered the sunless sky. Morning - a copy yesterday.
I got into the car, slamming the door. Sound Rental in the surrounding silence has rung in my ears. I looked at Nastya, remembering how exactly-the same morning, just yesterday, she was easily startled walk to her grandmother. The girl stared blankly into the distance. "Perhaps, too, it says?" - I thought with interest.
- Your grandmother would not have to worry that you were not there? - I asked.
Anastasia trembled and looked at me in confusion.
- No, - she said after a few seconds and turned away.
"Okay, let's go."
I started the engine. We passed houses, yesterday junction which I only recently had to "go straight" bus stop. I took Nasty home.
An hour later, I stood near the courtyard, which locked out of her house.
I turned to the girl and abruptly pulling her to him eagerly kissed. Nastia slightly put her hand on my chest, but I held her tight, tearing tongue warm moist lips. Girl weakened under my pressure and I shoved his hand into her panties down a hundred dollars right between the sponges - "ice cream."
I let go of Nastya and opened the door of the jeep. The girl, almost crying from humiliation, darted out of the car, showering me wave goodbye to the warm fragrance of her hair, smelling of baby shampoo. I watched as she ran to her home.
"She can not even throw the money on the street" - fun, I thought, pleased with his imagination.

Funny company. Part 2: "" With us, Chris and Jessica ""

Susie went to Mike's room and flopping down in the chair asked:
- Mike, are you somebody already told about what we sometimes do?
Mike looked up from the computer.
- No.
- And I'm told.
- Who?
- Jessica.
Mike looked at his sister with interest.
- Well, what is it?
- She was curious.
- And how did it happen that you have told her?
- Well - Susie slightly jammed - we are with Jessica sometimes caressed each other, when the house was empty. And then I showed her how to do it right, well, she asked where I learned.
- Now what?
- Jess told everything to his brother Christopher. And now they want us to do it with them. They have already asked permission from their parents, and now come to spend the night with us.
Mike stared at Susie.
- And that will tell our parents?
- I have already asked my mother. It turns out that they are now leaving for the weekend to Robertson and very pleased that we will not get bored. Well, as you pleased? I know, because you like Jessica.
- Yes, I would like to stay with her, but did not know how to approach. But yourself something you're not offended. You're her twin brother has long eyes rested.
- Yes, Christopher cute. And I saw his photo on the beach. Judging by the melting, he has a rather large, even though he was younger than you for a year.
- Clever, Sue. You arranged everything cool. - Mike, bowed, kissed his sister. - The evening seems to be enjoyable.
- Hopefully. - Susie purred, slipping out the door.
- Mike, open, I now - cried Susie heard the call.
- Hi Mike - Jessica fluttered into the hallway.
Behind her, holding out his hand, stepped Christopher. Shaking the boy's hand, Mike looked at Jessica. It was only a short topic, which is not scheduled for anything resembling a bra and tight ass shorts, front opening lower abdomen so that was visible panty elastic and rear, showing at least a third of smooth pink buttocks.
- Jessica, Chris, ask - Mike put his arm around the girl's waist and held the children in the living room where the three of them sat down on the sofa.
From the kitchen carrying a tray came Susie. By putting it on a low table, she sank into a chair and crossed her legs, not at all embarrassed by the fact that very brief light skirt did not hide her lack of panties.
- Well, what zaymёmsya first? - Sue smiled, pretending not to notice stuck to her hips, eyes, Christopher.
- Come in - hesitantly handed Jessica - First I would like a little bit to get used to each other ... to warm up. Chris with a porn magazine. May be…
- No. - Susie strongly rose from the chair. - Now Mike will light a candle, and the three of us will drink brotherhood. I think the orange juice will be able to replace us champagne. And then Mike and I will show you my photo. I think they will be much more interesting for you any tapes.
We broke out the candles, extinguished the overhead light. Mike sat next to Jessica and Chris came to standing beside the table, Susie. Taking a sip from his glass, Suzy threw her neck and Chris hand, clinging to him, merged in the lingering kiss. Hand Christopher ran down her back, lifted her short strip of cloth, exposing her ass, and firmly clasped firm buttocks. Susie felt hip, tearing out of the jeans, a member of Chris. She felt that getting wet between the legs. Out of the corner of her eye she saw kissing, Mike and Jessica. Mike's hand slid under the already half-open the chest, Topeka.
- Perhaps Jessica is now wets her panties. - Susie grinned to himself.
- Well, that - slightly faltering voice after the kiss, she asked - what about erotic photo?
- Come on. - Chorused Chris and Jessica.
Mike brought a stack of images and sat back down on the sofa, hugging Jess. Chris and Sue settled down in the chair opposite.
- Wow! - Chris gasped with admiration after the first shots.
Jessica did not say anything, but her rapid breathing and extended "wet" eyes speak for themselves. She almost did not notice when Mike slightly shifted the topic, letting out her hardened pink nipple.
Susie sidelong glances at the familiar images, watching the reaction of friends. Here it is, completely naked, Mike makes a blowjob, but she, with a drop of sperm on his chest and chin, smiling at the camera. Here Mike zaryvshiysya face between her legs wide open, and there is a cancer Sue and Mike introduces her pussy his cock ...
Christopher openly crawl arm on jeans, and Jessica, a little bit his lip and kept her knees and divorce. She seemed to be random movement, released from under the topic and the second breast. Her nipples straightened, swollen and hardened.
- Something here was hot - Susie smiled, pulling off his T-shirt and short opening view Christopher their small, standing erect, his chest.
Jessica smiled at her gratefully, allowing Mike finally rid yourself of unnecessary topic already.
- By the way, Chris, do not pat yourself more comfortable through the jeans. - Susie gently ran her hand over bugryaschemusya place. - Release it outside.
- And you, Jess, do not simply open and close your knees. So - Susie, lifting up her skirt, slowly ran his hand between her legs - much nicer. Try it.
Jessica dutifully unzipped shorts and slid to his hand.
- I'm afraid to do it is not very comfortable in pants. - She admitted making a few movements.
- It is best to get rid of them. Let Mike take them off. - Advised to Susie.
Jessica stood up and turned to Mike, holding fingers panties so that they are not crawled with shorts. Mike, dropping to his knees, slowly pulled the panties down and then pressed his lips directly to the wet spot on the panties. Jessica moaned. Susie sat her on the edge of the couch and gently pushed, forced to sit back. Now Jessica was reclining on the couch, Mike lips and tongue caressed her pussy through her panties. Susie leaned toward Jesse and kissed her. This tilting skirt Sue completely ceased to hide anything from Christopher, and Susie, unable to straighten up, felt his ass lips on Chris.
Sue, continuing to kiss Jessica leaned even lower and spread her legs wider to Chris it was more convenient. Immediately she felt his tongue reached her pussy. Sue closed her eyes blissfully. Mike, meanwhile, pulled his finger, preventing him panties, and pressed his lips to the right pussy Jessica. That widely moving apart legs, leaned toward him. Her ass began to move in time to the touch, Mike. Finally, Jessica stood at attention on the voltage and cry, leaned back on the couch.
- In my opinion, I moistened. - She said shyly.
Mike moved away from the cat Jess and pulled off her panties. The girl did not resist.
- I think I'll finish too. - Christopher said hoarsely.
Susie looked back. Chris, standing behind her on his knees, pulled out a member of the jeans and quickly moved through it by hand back and forth.
- Cum on Jessica. It is to be nice. - Suzy straightened, missing Chris. - Jesse, help.
Chris, continuing to masturbate, stood over Jessica. The girl took his penis and began to drive on his hand. Christopher closed his eyes and groaned. Suzy off her skirt and, passing his hand between her legs, watching them. Member Christopher tensed and shot, smearing sperm chest and abdomen Jessica.
- Ooh! - They both groaned, then collapsed into a chair, Chris and Jess leaned back on the couch.
Mike, already undressed, went to Susie:
- I think masturbation is not enough you, Sue?
- Of course, I want to cock was in me!
Susie leaned back on the couch so that her ass almost leaned. Mike dropped to her knees, put her legs on his shoulders, and hands took over the chest. The sofa was low, and a member Mike was right in front of the cave Sue. A powerful movement of Mike entered.
- Ltd!
Member Mike, using a convenient posture, penetrated deeply, filling the whole cave ..., slipping and filling again.
- Oh, oh, oh ...
Susie closed her eyes. Jessica, on the contrary, keep your eyes on what is happening beside her sex. Her mouth fell open, one hand on his chest smeared sperm and the other glided along, excited to start again, kitty. Susie felt her hot juice fountain watered cave wall. Panting, she opened her eyes. Jessica bent by the very member of Mike's hand all the more rubbing pussy. Stripped Christopher stood by. His box was already on alert.
- Mike - brother stopped Susie - now the turn of Jesse, and will be engaged in Christopher me.
Mike stood up and walked to Jessica. That almost fearfully I watched him.
- Now? - She asked softly.
- You want after all?
- Yes, I am very excited looking at you, but ... - Jessica helplessly silent and obediently leaned back, spread her legs and closed her eyes.
Mike put his arm around her shoulders and sat on the couch.
- Relax. From this you need to have fun. Come and play with him. - Mike nodded at his shiny wet cock Faced with Jessica. - Kiss it, take in the mouth. He was not terrible.
Jessica several times touched his lips a member, stroking it with his hand and then caressed his tongue, and finally sent to the mouth. It is sucking it clumsily, but carefully. Chris is being processed Susie. His inexperience he refunded enthusiasm. His cock was moving in Susie, like a jackhammer. Sue has managed to finish under it and felt that in the depth of her already conceived a new fountain. Suzy looked at Jessica. That has completely overcome the recent stiffness. She loved to suck cock. Legs Jessica recently shifted, were wide open, and his hand slid over the non-stop pussy. Suddenly, Jess released from the mouth member of Mike and leaned back on the couch.
- Mike, I want you to be not in the mouth, and in me.
Mike sat down in front of her and took her legs on his shoulders. Now both girls were lying on the couch in the same positions. Sue smiled at Jessica. Then Mike came. Jess screamed, but the member has already struck the fragile film and strongly slid in dense walls of caves. Jessica moaned with pleasure, twitched a few times to meet Mike, and then suddenly went limp.
- I think I've finished. - She admits.
Mike leaned toward her and kissed her.
- So you feel good.
Piston Mike continued to rub against the wall of her cave, awakening a new desire. Jess glanced at Suzy. Girlfriend lying, eyes closed, biting her lip. Only her breasts bouncing to the beat Christopher shock. Suddenly Sue arched.
- Still, Chris, still, - she moaned.
Chris was a member of a powerful push it. Finally, Susie relaxed and opened her eyes, breathing heavily.
- Oh, Chris, you're so good!
- Susie, I'll finish. - Chris warned, coming from it.
He loomed over Sue, going to pour out at the girl, but Susie pulled away.
- No, let them all get Jess today.
Chris perched on the sofa on the side of Jessica's face. She grabbed his brother and a member of the lips began to suck. Chris groaned jet of sperm in her mouth Jessica erupted. Surplus white liquid ran down his chin.
- Now me - he said, straightening up, Mike.
Jessica sat up quickly, trying to catch his mouth his dick, but did not have time. Tight white jet struck her, filling his face. White drops trickled down his nose, lips, chin. From this sensation Jessica, unexpectedly, again moistened. She sat in front of Mike, panting, all bathed in semen. Member Mike is still large, I was in her face, and she obediently opened her mouth. Chris also did not leave. Therefore, Jessica began to suck on the line, then my brother, then Mike.
Suddenly the room lit up bright flash. This is Suzie, taking a camera, began to take off, Jessica sucks. Jess wanted to turn away, but Mike did not give.
- You saw our pictures will now be shared. - He said. - Come on, Sue.
Jessica again took in his mouth, Mike, looking straight into the lens.
- And now Chris - commanded Susie - and now both together, and now you have a close-up.
- Show. - I asked Jessica.
- Now.
Sue connect the unit to the monitor, and the screen appeared the face and chest Jessica all in white strips and drops of sperm.
- You turned out better than I do. - Susie smiled. - It should be me, Mike worked as one and two have tried for you. Do you even have a drop of hair.
- Yes, I liked it when poured out on me. I think I even wash will not go. I want to be all in this thing.
- Let's get one more shot. Feet wider move apart. It is necessary to perpetuate your first time fucked pussy.
Jessica, smiling playfully, opened front of the lens. After a few shots, Susie rubbed between your legs.
- You know, I'm excited. Maybe, until our boys are resting, we can entertain each other?
- Of course! I think I will. Lie down.
Susie leaned back on the sofa, legs wide apart, and Jessica, dropping to his knees, clung to her pussy. Sharp little tongue Jess deftly slid on the clitoris Sue.
- You're wet and tasty - Jess said, for a moment looking up from Susie, and then continued kissing and licking pussy Sue.
Suzy put her legs shoulders girlfriend, trying to squeeze tighter. Her hips and ass began to move to the beat Jessica tongue.
- More Jess, still. I'm almost ready. - Sue moaned.
Jessica moved tighter to Suzie, once standing in a pose cancer. Suddenly, she felt that her pussy started to drive his finger. No, do not finger! It was someone's cock. He gently but firmly penetrated in her pussy finally went in the whole and began to move it back and forth. Jessica, not looking up from Susie, pushes backwards towards jolts. At this point, Sue screamed and twitched for Jessica based juice. Jess looked up from the wet pussy and looked around to see who fucks her? It turned out she enjoys, Christopher, and Mike is already taking the camera ready to capture the entire composition of the three naked bodies.
- Sue, raised slightly, Jess, do not hide completely to Susie, I want you to be seen. Chris, a little back so that was seen your cock belongs to Jessica. Excellent! Photographed.
Susie slipped off the couch and pulled up from the floor Jessica, forcing the piston down from the Christopher.
- On the couch, we have already tried. And in the parents' bedroom has a huge bed, where it will be much easier.
- Well, that girl, who from the top, the bottom one? - Mike asked, coming into the bedroom.
- We top. - Susan said. - Only you lie down with Chris, so that we were dancing with Jessica at you face to face.
The boys obediently subsided. Susie quickly climbed to a member of Christopher and Jess straddled piston Mike. Then girlfriends joined hands and began to swing synchronously, then leaning forward so that their lips merged in a gentle kiss, then leaning back so that the members of guys completely filled their cave. Hands Mike and Chris, meanwhile, caressed their breasts. It was so delicious that Sue immediately humidified, and then, almost without interruption, again. Apparently, Jessica happened the same thing, because Mike smiled.
- The girls, in your caves squelching as in the swamp!
- And we like that there was wet and squelched. - Susie withdraw, feeling the approach of another fountain. - However, Jess?
- Very like! A-ah ... Ah-ah-ah ...
Jess began to move rapidly on a member Mike missing a beat.
- A-ah ... Ah-ah-ah ... Ah-ah-ah ...
She dropped his hands and Suzy fell Mike, kissing him.
- Now in my cave it was still wet, but I'm awfully tired. Set me somehow on another, please.
Mike laid prostrate, panting girl on her back and entered her. Rhythmically swaying, he kissed the lips, the breasts Jess, and soon she began to respond, first kissing, but ... then, and his movement. Suzie and Chris, too, have changed places. Just Sue lay down ass up, put it under the pillow underbelly that Chris could enter her from behind. Now Sue, along with Mike kissed her lips and breasts Jessica, forcing the erupting again and again. Squelch in cave Jessica has been heard even through the total heavy breathing.
- What do you have actual girl! - Susie smiled.
- Oh-oh-oh ... etc. - and I could only groan in response to Jessica.
At this point, Chris quickly slipped out Susie and Mike going around, bent over her sister. A stream of white liquid flooded her chest and neck.
- A-ah - Girl arched. Her buttocks and thighs trembled convulsively again.
- Oh-oh-oh! Mike, darling, please! I can not do it anymore! - Jessica helplessly sprawled on the bed, his eyes closed.
- Come here. - She called Suzie's brother. - I was, just a little bit not enough Chris.
Mike left Jessica and fell on Sue. His rod to failure entered her pussy. Under the powerful, strong pushes Mike Susie beginning to squirm, fists hammered on the bed, and then erupted so violently that excess fluid pushes the piston Mike ran down her thighs. Now sniffle could be heard in the cave Sue.
Susie leaned forward and kissed Jessica. She opened her eyes and moved her lips slightly in response.
- Sue, I'm almost ready. - Mike warned.
Susie turned to his brother.
- Let's do it on the face of Jessica.
- Come on.
Mike is located on the side of Jessica so that his cock was on the face of the girl. Suzie got a job on the other side and started to suck Mike. Soon Mike groaned and strained. Realizing he was going to finish, Susie has released a member of his mouth, his hand pointing it towards Jessica. Jess leaned forward, clasping member lips. In the palate it hit the hot jet, filled his mouth spilled out, filling the neck and chin.
- Oh-oh-oh - Jessica groaned, leaning back again.
Member Mike still splashed, throwing droplets on the girl's chest and abdomen. Sue again caught lips toy Mike and began to lick it with the remains of spicy liquid.
- When Mike was poured into my mouth, I think I finished again. - Jessica said in confusion, after a few seconds. - I Do not assume that I can allocate as much juice. I even wet ass like I was lying in a puddle. And I have absolutely no strength to go wash.
- Stay well. - Mike laughed. - I'll sleep with the dirty, much of the current girl.
- Mind you, I'm dirty. - Warned Jess.
- Get dirty on health. - Mike smiled, lying down next to her and kissing her smeared lips.
Jessica is conveniently arranged his head on the chest of Mike hugged her, and they fell asleep.
Christopher and Susie some time kissing, caressing each other. When Sue felt that a member of Chris alive and rests on her stomach, she pressed close to the boy and slipped his rod into his hole.
- I want you to stay in me when we go to sleep. - She whispered.
- So do I. - Kissing her, Christopher said.
Soon they fell asleep.
Susie was awakened by the touch of someone's lips to her breasts. In addition, she felt between her legs, caressing her pussy hand. Opening her eyes, she saw a smiling Christopher and smiled back, held up his lips for a kiss.
- I missed? - She asked.
- It has long and strong. - Chris said.
Susie found the hand resilient and hard dick.
- Really hard. - She smiled.
Chris teased her tongue rapidly hardening nipple and down below, kissing his stomach and the part of the body that are usually hidden under shorts. Susie moaned slightly. They fuss woke Mike and Jessica.
- ABOUT! - Heard Suzy cheerful voice of his brother. - Yes, they do not get bored. Perhaps Jess, we too should do something similar.
His hand slipped between the legs of Jessica, but, suddenly, the girl winced painfully.
- Sorry, Mike, but it seems that nothing happens. I've got a sore.
- Well yes. - Mike nodded. - You did yesterday for the first time. Sue too, then ached.
- Well, - I murmured dreamily Susie, writhing on the bed.
Tab Chris just got to her pussy
- So today I will have two. I have long wanted to try.
She rolled over on his stomach.
- Chris, how to caress my ass. It should be soft and rich.
Jessica sat up on the bed.
- It is a pity that I did not have to participate, but I want a little help. - She smiled, leaning over Mike member.
When Jess, regretfully, has released a toy out of his mouth, Mike stood like a soldier at attention.
- Chris - asked Susie - let Mike will start, and you see Jessica. We'll show you something new.
Mike took a bedside tube, squeeze a little grease on the finger and handed it to Jessica tube.
- Brush the this my dick while I prepare Suzie.
Sue sat up on his knees, putting Mike back, and he began to lubricate the hole Susie, extending his finger gently.
- There?! - Jessica gasped, followed closely by Mike.
- Aha, - Suzy replied, - this hole can deliver both not less enjoyment. Just work with it it is necessary to carefully and use special grease.
Meanwhile, Mike fell in behind and began to introduce in his brilliant Sue grease member. Jessica and Chris, embracing, sitting side by side, and did not take their eyes off them. Hole Susie was quite trained, and Mike was able to quickly enter entirely. Made in the ass Sue few deep movements, he went outside.
- Well, Sue, happy.
- Come on, Chris.
Susie had put Christopher on his back, he sat down on his cock and bent to face, trying to lift the ass. Mike crept up to her and introduced her to the empty hole his rod.
Susie felt filled to overflowing. A delightful experience! Mike and Chris began to move, trying to get into the rhythm. They are filled with Susie again and again, meeting and slipping inside, separated by only a thin partition. A wave of pleasure covered Sue with such force that the girl saw everything as if in a fog. Her hard, sharp nipples pressed against his chest Chris lips have merged with it in a continuous kiss, and inside, it seemed an inexhaustible source of beat. Susie had finished almost continuously, long-lost account, vibrating her body orgasms.
Suddenly, in her ass hit a powerful, hot jet. Susie screamed and sprawled exhausted on Chris. Mike pulled out of it started to sink member. Sperm flowed from the backside on the buttocks and thighs Sue. Chris moved beneath it.
- Susie, I want you there.
- Come on. There are now so everything is slippery, what do you even do not need to lubricate your.
Chris got out of Sue and quickly went into the Mike designed the ass. Susie lowered her head in her hands. Chris grabbed her hands behind back and began to move back and forth, then completely spitted on a skewer, almost taking him.
Jessica slid closer to Suzy, and Sue felt nimble fingers Jess began to move inside her cave. Sue again experienced an orgasm. Her cave is no longer housed all of its liquid and surplus running down her thighs, mixed with drops of Mike's sperm. Suzy's legs began to tremble. She felt he could no longer, and was ready to ask for mercy, when Chris croaked:
- Sue, where?
- In me. - She moaned, falling flat on the bed.
Chris collapsed on top, continuing to move in it.
- Oh-oh-oh-oo-ah
Chris discharged in Susie with a capacity of fire pump. Even when he drew from the ass a member, he continued sprinkling, smearing Suzie back. Sue was lying with his eyes closed, just slightly trembling under new drops. Buttocks her involuntarily contracted, pushing out a portion fused to a sperm ass. Jessica crept up to Sue and began to kiss and caress her friend. Susie opened her eyes.
- That was something! - She gasped, finally .... - I could not imagine! Did you like it?
- Still would! Twice I had finished just looking at you, without touching the pussy and a finger! Why do you and Mike showed us this before? I also want to try.
Susie smiled:
- It is you and Chris homework. Then tell us with Mike and show photos.
She stood beside the bed. According to her buttocks, back and hips slowly, leaving a brilliant track, slipping white drops.
- Now go wash, Jesse. Are you after yesterday's outpourings glitters as if put on a condom, and I have these two pervert smeared on you so that to sit on anything is impossible.
To be continued....
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Do not drink, and that'll be a girl

I'm forty-three years, but more attractive in my opinion. One day I came home late, it was dark. I went to her porch, beside him stood a young handsome guy, in my opinion fifteen years. He was drunk as they say in the boob. I do not know what came over me at that moment =, but I took his hand and dragged him to his apartment.
Yes, I was at home where he was a sex toy and strapon. And I was going to try it on this helpless boy. It was very nice that excited me even more. I took him to himself, spent in the bedroom and began to undress him. He mumbled something not even resisting and not knowing what they do and what he should do something with it. He would like to have sex doll, but alive. I shared it some thought I decided to dress him in women's underwear. Once I did fuck strap it becomes a girl in my eyes, so let it be in lingerie.
The transparent black shirt, thongs, stockings and a wig. And here lies peredomnoy girl. I undressed buckled strap and pushing jumper panties put his legs on his shoulders, greased member of the strap and her ass. Yes, for me now, this boy became " girl". And I started to go in her ass as she started moving and something to try to do, so I did not touch her ass. But there was so drunk that all her efforts were in vain, and I walked into her ass and the boy was now definitely a girl.
I was part of the ass, I fuck this "boy" as a girl and I liked it. Like to fuck him, deprive him ass virginity, but simply raping the "girl ". Then I sat on his face and forced to suck dick who just raped him and he began to suck slowly. Then I removed the strap and sat on his face and made him suck her pussy. While I had raped his cock stood up and got stronger and I straddled him.
When he had finished, I tied him to the bed and fell asleep. In the morning woke up, I saw that this "girl " still asleep. I went into the kitchen she poured half a glass of vodka, he came back into the room, woke her.
- Come on girl, wake up!
"She is " I stood up and asked who I was and why she calls him a girl.
- What are you or what you do not remember?
- No .
-A hangover!
Before I wake him up he untied.
- So you yourself stuck to me and link you wanted to fuck me.
But at home I was able to convince you to play dress-up and change of roles in the bed and you accepted and allowed you to change clothes and make you "girl ".
- And look at you dressed! And as I shall call after yesterday? Of course my baby, and what's your ass! I went on, and the guy was part of the paint because he could not think or anything.
After the hangover, he changed into his clothes and left humiliated. I laughed for a long time looking at the video shot the day before I made it "girl "And lying near the number of his cell phone. To be continued, and who knows what there ....